Mom Puts Struggling Baby In The Arms Of Big Brother. Everyone Gasped With Joy At What Happens Next : AWM

Mom Puts Struggling Baby In The Arms Of Big Brother. Everyone Gasped With Joy At What Happens Next

A first meeting between a sibling and the newest member of the family is usually a very touching encounter. The story behind this sweet encounter, between a boy named Mikey and his new little brother, will likely move you to tears. Mikey, his mom explained to Love What Matters, has been asking for a baby brother for as long as he could talk.

Jessica Marotta and her husband Mike started trying for a second baby when Mikey was three, but they weren’t successful. Mikey was very eager to have a sibling and his parents continued to try, seeking the help of a fertility specialist.

They finally got a positive pregnancy test on Mikey’s fifth birthday. Unfortunately, a month later, Jessica was experiencing complications and at 11 weeks, she discovered she had lost the baby. According to tests, the baby had trisomy 13, which would have been fatal to the infant.

She shared: “It took my breath away. Mikey had gotten his baby brother, except now he was our angel baby.”

The family moved to a new home and, while cleaning out a garage, they got rid of Mikey’s old baby things. Once settled into their home, they decided they would just be a family of three and not try for another child.

Jessica shared: “After that, every time Mikey asked for his baby brother, we would explain to him that there may be a chance that he may never get a baby brother. It broke our hearts to say these words to him, but we found a way to settle into a life just the three of us in our new home and enjoy our summer.”

On Mikey’s first day of kindergarten, Jessica broke down in tears, explaining: “I knew something was off, but I did not want to get too excited.” Yes, they were pregnant again!

When she experienced complications again, Jessica was understandably very concerned, but she eventually saw the heartbeat and was reassured the baby was growing normally. Test results showed a low risk for the baby to have trisomy 13 as well.

The baby, however, arrived early, she noted: “During my one month in antepartum, the baby gave us three scares that he was going to arrive, but we made it to 30 weeks and 6 days. I had a growth ultrasound that day and the baby had only gained two grams in two weeks. The doctor told us, ‘we are going to have a baby today,’ and explained that if we waited any longer we would risk a stillborn.”

Their baby, Jake Eric, finally arrived, weighing one pound, 12 ounces, and measuring only 12 inches long.

She explained that his “smallness took my breath away and my eyes filled with tears.” Mikey finally got to see him and said: “He has red hair just like me!”

The family pushed through this tough time with some health scares along the way, and enjoyed the moments they could have skin-to-skin contact with Jake.

Mikey was finally able to touch his baby brother, but wasn’t able to hold him, as Jessica noted:
“He wanted more than anything to hold his baby brother. Mikey was filled with sadness that he could not hold his baby brother.”

Finally, the day came when Mikey could hold the baby, which Jessica said was an “amazing and emotional” moment. She called Mikey “an amazing big brother.”