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Mom Saw Something Strange In The Bathroom. When She Screamed Bloody Murder, We Broke Down The Door

When it is dark in your house, do you look around corners to make sure nothing or no one strange has gotten into your home? While it is always a bit embarrassing to admit, many people’s imaginations create creatures and people in the shadowy corners of their home. And we’re not just talking about children here. Adults also like to turn on the lights to dispel the monstrous apparitions hiding in the shadows.

But one woman had every right to be frightened as she sat down to use the bathroom. While the woman and her family knew they were always at risk of coming into contact with dangerous creatures and animals because they live in Australian, the Brisbane family never thought their encounter would be so intimate and terrifying.

So what was the terror? The mother, who was using the restroom, found a baby python tucked away in a toilet paper roll. The woman was horrified as most people would be. She screamed, and her family came running.

Without missing a beat, they called a snake catcher from their home in Brisbane’s Redlands area on Sunday night, and the professionals hurried over.

Fortunately, pythons are not dangerous so long as you do not come into close contact with them or try to pick them up. But I cannot think of a situation involving closer contact than what this woman experienced while using her bathroom.

As you can see in the shocking photo, the baby python found its resting spot inside the toilet paper roll. And because the roll was on the fixture, the snake wrapped itself around the steel paper holder.

While the mother was terrified that the snake had gotten into her home and found its way to her bathroom, the image quickly went viral online. Many people shared their reactions and their fright at seeing the snake turn up in such an intimate and vulnerable place.

“Bloody awesome at least you’re in the right place to freak out and s*** yourself if you hate snakes,” one internet user wrote.

Other people jumped on the bandwagon and started sharing “s*** yourself” jokes.

“If the person was suffering from constipation, I’m 100 percent sure this little fella fixed their problem pretty quick.”

Pythons are common in Brisbane, Australia. And this incident is hardly the first time one has been found inside a bathroom in the Aussie city. However, it might be the first time anyone has ever found a baby python coiled up inside a roll of toilet paper.

Last year, Elite Snake Catching Brisbane reported another similar incident involving a python in a restroom. They shared a photo, included here, of a larger python curled up inside a container meant to store toilet paper rolls. Obviously, this snake was much bigger and a lot more dangerous than the baby one. And it really would have done a job defeating constipation if that person had it.

Steward Lalor from Elite Snake Catching Brisbane spoke to MSN about how pythons are “pretty harmless.” They’re also very common in the Brisbane area.

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