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Mom Says Fake CPS Workers Came To Her House To Kidnap Her Son

A mother in Santa Ana, California has been going through hard times recently. So, when a woman appeared at her door, posing as a social worker with Child Protective Services, the mother did not know what to think. Had someone called her concerning her child? Did she have some sort of enemy? But things became suspicious when the social worker demanded the mother relinquish custody of her baby, prompting the mother to ask for identification which was denied – so mom slammed the door in the fraud’s face.

Although this incident occurred in California, fake Child Protective Services agents seem to be a new scam going around the country. Parents need to beware about this trending scam as people seem to be going around house to house trying to kidnap children.

In Washington, another mother came forward when a similar fraud tried to kidnap her four-year-old son. This mother has come forward to describe how two people disguised as Child Protective Services workers tried to “snatch” her four-year-old boy in broad daylight while telling mom that she no longer had custody over her boy.

Although some school districts have been threatening to alert C.P.S. to take children away from their parents if they do not pay their lunch money debts, this issue is not the same. This issue is a total scam where kidnappers are trying to get their hands on young, innocent children for horrible reasons.

Jessi McCombs, of Washington, told reporters that the fake C.P.S. agents came to her door on Monday. While she was at her home in Marysville, WA, a man, and a woman appeared on her doorstep with innocent-looking smiles on their lips.

They wore professional clothing. This played along with the lie that they were official representatives of C.P.S.

McCombs told KIRO-TV, “(The woman) said she was with C.P.S. and that she was there about my son’s injuries and that they were to take him into protective custody.”

McCombs’s first reaction was shock. She didn’t know about any particular injuries her son had endured. But then she started to question the woman’s story. She believed that “social workers” had simply chosen the wrong house.

The woman doubled-down on her claim. She then used the son’s first name. McCombs felt a chill rush through her body.

“I asked her, ‘Can you show me some identification?’ ‘Can you show me this order that you supposedly have?’ She refused to show me that.”

Now that McCombs knew these people were frauds and potential kidnappers, she grew frantic.

“These people were potentially trying just to snatch my kid, so I started panicking.”

Thankfully, this scared the kidnappers away.

“She said, ‘We’ll come back later.’ And they left in a hurry down the stairs.”

Although McCombs avoided tragedy, the incident has traumatized her. Who are these people going around trying to kidnap children? What do they want to do with the little ones they traffic on the black market? Do they work for people like Jeffrey Epstein?

Authorities are investigating these C.P.S. fraud incidents.

What do you think about this apparent trend?

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