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Mom Sees Newborn’s Face And Refuses To Keep Him, So The Nurse Steps In

At the end of the day, moms and dads are just people. And while we like to think of moms and dads as stepping up and being better when it comes to their children – acting as role models for them – this, sadly, is not always the case. When Adam was born, his mother and father took one look at him and retched – they wanted nothing to do with their newborn baby boy because of the superficial reason that they didn’t like how he looked.

Doctors tried to encourage the parents to take Adam home with them. However, the parents admitted to doctors that if they were forced to take Adam into their home, they’d kill him with poison before they’d be willing to live with the shame of his ugly looks.

Adam was born healthily. His heart, brain, and lungs were perfect. But he was born without eyelids. He also had no hands and no nose. His parents looked at him and saw a freak. They didn’t even consider it an option to take Adam into their home and try to raise him the right way. They would rather burn him at the stake or simply abandon him. And that’s what they did.

Thankfully, the doctor and nurse who treated Adam had much bigger hearts than his good-for-nothing parents. Raja and Jessica Paulraj, the married doctor and nurse team, saw Adam as a beautiful young boy with so much potential in life. Just because he was born different than most babies did not mean that he did not deserve a chance at life.

When Jessica held Adam in her arms, she knew that the only answer that made sense was for her and Raja to adopt him. Because their hearts were so big, they had plenty of love to shower on the unwanted child. They were willing to take him into their home and give him the best life they could.

When Adam was born, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Bartsocas-Papas syndrome. Because Raja and Jessica were medical health professionals, they knew exactly what they had to do to give Adam a good life. They brought the baby boy to a medical specialist who was able to perform a few surgeries to make Adam’s life easier.

However, the adoptive parents knew that the medical bills would be high. Nevertheless, they were willing to take Adam into their home, even if they didn’t know how they were going to pay for the procedures he’d need to have.

That’s when a miracle occurred. The community united around the wellbeing of this baby boy, Adam. When all was said and done, people had donated $100,000 toward the procedures that Adam, the baby “nobody wanted,” needed so he could thrive in his new life.

Now that Adam has gone through the procedures, his life is drastically different. He is able to close his eyes and close his mouth. It’s a life-changing moment for the young boy who was abandoned by his ill-equipped parents.

Although he was shown all the love and care in the world by his adoptive parents, Adam died on June 12, 2016, at the age of four.

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