“At first it was nothing major, it seemed like a tummy bug like he ate something that didn’t agree with him,” Amber told ABC 7. “But by the next day, he couldn’t keep anything down, and his belly hurt so bad he couldn’t sit up.” Now Amber’s son is struggling for his life as he battles symptoms associated with contracting COVID-19 during the pandemic – and Bobby might not be able to pull through if things don’t go as planned.

Because Amber brought her son Bobby to the emergency room following the initial symptoms, she thought everything was handled. But the doctor gave Bobby the wrong diagnosis, which delayed his recovery time – and allowed the virus to get even worse until he was hanging on by a thread.

The first doctor thought that Bobby was suffering from appendicitis. But as the nine-year-old boy’s symptoms evolved, it became clear that Bobby didn’t have appendicitis but the newly discovered multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), which is suspected to be triggered by COVID-19.

Doctors in the United Kingdom first identified MIS-C in April. They found the trend after an “unprecedented cluster” of eight children experienced similar symptoms to the rare Kawasaki disease – and also tested positive for COVID-19.

Now, cases of this new inflammatory disease in young children are being found across the globe. In New York, the number of cases of MIS-C has more than doubled in just a few days.

“This is a truly disturbing situation, and I know parents around the state and parents around the country are very concerned about this, and they should be,” Cuomo said. “If we have this issue in New York, it’s probably in other states.”

Boddy’s case shows just how unprepared the health care system is for a pandemic like the one we are experiencing now. Because doctors are basing their diagnoses on what they learned in medical school – COVID-19 was certainly not around during those classroom sessions – and the virus is constantly mutating, the consequences for the coronavirus can be much farther reaching than the medical community might ever know.

Bobby never had any explicit cases of COVID-19. That’s why the diagnosis came as such a shock to his parents. They didn’t even consider that to be the case, but now he has been diagnosed with MIS-C and is fighting for his life.

“Then they kind of explained to me a little bit about what it was because, before that, I didn’t know anything about it,” Amber later told the Associated Press. “They said they really don’t know why some kids will get it and some kids won’t. They’re still learning.”

Bobby’s case showed doctors that COVID-19 could fly under the radar when children contract it.

“It never affected his respiratory system. It was his heart that it affected,” Amber told ABC 7.

For nearly a week, he fought for his life in the hospital. After six days, he was cleared to go home.

“They’re hoping he pulls through with 100% recovery, but they said there had been children with lasting effects,” the mom said.

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