New trends pop up on TikTok almost every day. But this latest trend has engaged thousands of people, including one mom. The new trend asks people to share quick video clips of themselves confessing the truth behind their worst tattoos and why they regret getting them. The trend has revealed hundreds of people who have been inked with the wrong thing or experienced mistakes by tattoo artists who were not as professional as they claimed to be.

Some of the most popular unpopular tattoos included people showing off their Spongebob Squarepants ink as well as an avocado-themed tattoo that one person thought would represent them for the rest of their lives. Because many people have had a lot of time to think during the pandemic, some people have confessed that not every one of their tattoos was something they still liked or enjoyed – but one mom had a story that outshined them all.

The viral mom, who posts content on TikTok under the username, @Th3VictoryGarden, shared that she got a tattoo on her bicep that was designed and drawn by her son’s friend. However, mom thought someone else had designed the ink she got done.

“My son’s friend drew this,” the mom confessed. “I thought my son drew this.”

The mom found the crayon drawing of the large-mouthed monster standing near a palm tree. She thought that her son had come up with the drawing himself and figured that it would be cool to get it tattooed on her bicep. However, she realized after getting the ink done that it wasn’t her son who came up with the design but his friend.

“My son broke the news at the dinner table years later,” she wrote.

The mom showed off her arm in the viral video, which has been seen more than six hundred and sixty-nine thousand times and counting. She filmed her viral TikTok video after another person asked users to share the story behind their most meaningless tattoo.

Mom pulls back her shirtsleeve to reveal the child’s tattoo design. However, mom does not look very happy to be explaining the origin story behind the ink.

Hundreds of people shared their shocked reactions to mom’s story in the comments. The following were a few thoughts shared by viewers from across the entire globe.

“If you black it out, you can cover it if you ever want to,” one person suggested as a way to get rid of the other child’s design.

Another mom wrote, “A painting my son made in art class hung in a frame in my kitchen for ten years before he told me it wasn’t his. The teacher handed them back wrong.”

“Oh my God! I feel you, lol. I thought I was getting a tattoo of a ram (for Aries), but I got a freaking Capricorn.”

“Suddenly, I feel the need to confirm the dozens of pieces of kid art I have on the art wall and about my house. Just in case.”

“I would have said, ‘you better draw something to cover it up then.’”

“Oh my god, did you ever tell the parents?” one person asked.

What do you think about this mom’s tattoo story?

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