Mom Sparks Controversy After It’s Made Known What She Did With Baby’s Umbilical Cord : AWM

Mom Sparks Controversy After It’s Made Known What She Did With Baby’s Umbilical Cord

An image is floating around social media that has a lot of people stunned. But the clip comes after another shocking video that is directly related. A Texas doctor was able to turn around a breeched baby while the tiny boy was still in his mother’s womb. With a masterful technique of pressing onto mom’s belly in just the right way, the doctor managed to flip the child and help deliver him safely into the world.

Mom Vanessa Fisher learned that her baby boy was breached during the 28th week of pregnancy. With his feet facing the exit, the doctors knew it was going to be a challenging birth unless they were able to get the child turned around.

Vanessa did not want to get a C-section. So, she and her husband Nick scoured the internet looking for how they could turn the baby around. She bounced on medicine balls. She played loud music near the baby.

But nothing worked.

During her 38th week of pregnancy, she found a doctor willing to try an external cephalic version. Without going into mom’s uterus, the doctor was able to twist the baby around with his hands from outside.

The video of the doctor completing this miraculous trick has been viewed millions of times since it was published.

But the video is not the only reason Vanessa, Nick, and their newborn son Ashton are making headlines.

Mom decided to leave the umbilical cord attached to the baby until it falls off on his own. While most people snip it right away, Vanessa wanted to try to get the boy as many nutrients as possible from the placenta.

“I think that the most reluctance stemmed from the fact that it was unfamiliar,” Vanessa told Mirror Online. “I didn’t find anyone’s objections valid enough to reconsider my decision. Unorthodox is difficult for people to conceptualize, we are so accustomed to the limitations of western medicine, we stick to what we know without much consideration for the alternative.”

This birth was not Vanessa’s first. And because things did not go as planned the first time, she wanted to do everything as naturally as possible to bring her baby Ashton into the world.

“I found that there were mothers who left the cord attached for several minutes or hours after birth to allow for the placenta to stop pulsating,” she told CafeMom. “This would ensure that there was time for a full placental blood transfer to the baby. Taking that idea a step further was the lotus birth. The idea really resonated with me because I was already set on embracing a very natural approach to this pregnancy, and cutting out any unnecessary medical interference was important to me.”

She continued to explain her reasoning behind the different strategy.

“In my mind, I imagine the baby spending ten months in utero only knowing his mother giving him life, his placenta offering him nourishment, and the umbilical cord connecting him to both. After birth, the baby normally is taken from the womb and separated from his cord and placenta – a series of events that I imagine could be emotionally traumatic for the baby. A gradual separation from the umbilical cord and placenta seems more emotionally considerate of baby.”

What is your opinion on leaving the umbilical cord attached until it naturally falls off?