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Mom Sparks Controversy After Posting Video Of What Toy Doll She Got For Child Actually Says

Every year there is a hot new toy that all the kids want from Santa. Most parents will stand in lines and pay the ultimate price to make their little ones happy with the sought after toy.Siobhan Fox from Tamworth, England is like most moms. When her two-year-old daughter was pining for the “My Little Baby Born,” doll for Christmas, she got it for her. But, after the doll was unwrapped by the excited little girl, she realized that she may have made a big mistake.

The doll, which is supposed to say pre-recorded phrases, was heard saying quite the opposite of the “mama” and “dada” she was expecting.

Instead, she thinks that the doll said “You…bit*#.”

In the video below, you can watch the doll as it coos and giggles. Amongst the laughter, the doll says something that sounds like “You b,” but it’s pretty hard to tell for sure what she is saying.

The doll is currently being sold for under $20 on U.K.’s Toys R’ Us website. While the store is offering Fox a refund or exchange, she is demanding that the doll is pulled off the shelves and recalled instead.

Zapf Creations is the German toy company that developed the doll and they have responded by saying that the baby babbles are not intended to sound vulgar in any way.

In a statement, the company shared the following…

“At Zapf Creation, we take all feedback very seriously. Our BABY born products are created to be a fun introduction to the imaginative parent-child play. The My Little BABY born Walks doll includes baby babble sounds that are in no way meant to represent language or cause any offense to users.”

Evidently, this isn’t the first time that a parent has issued a complaint about the Baby Born doll. A Birmingham, England mom said that her daughter was heard repeating the words “You B….” after she was playing with the doll. And another customer complained that it sounds like the doll is swearing.

“That was what she really wanted and I felt so awful taking it off her but I could not let her go out in public with the doll saying that,” said Fox, who was concerned about her two-year-old repeating the words.

Some commenters didn’t hear the swearing at all and felt that the mom was overreacting…

“People have to complain about every little thing. I don’t hear “swear” words. I hear “Yippie Yippie.”

“Just sounds like “yippie” on a child’s toy talk box with poor audio quality. Get over it.”

“You must have a sweet life if that’s all you have to make a big deal out of.”

“I can’t make it out. But I know sometimes nearly indistinguishable sounds will mean different things to different people.”

And others found the humor in the situation, considering the doll was filmed right next to a glass of champagne…

“I see the problem. Clearly, the baby has been drinking champagne..foul words happen when you get a wee pie-eyed.”

Another commenter mentioned the fact that the doll might be worth something someday and the mom should keep it.