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Mom Sparks Controversy After Voicing Her Stance On How Young Women Should Have Babies

The choice if and when to have children is a very personal one. In most cases, this choice should be respected by others, unless of course, the couple decides to procreate is in the midst of abusing substances. That situation certainly warrants an intervention. Some people are all about a timeline and they have a plan in place to start a family after they have established themselves financially. Others, opt for a more free way of thinking and allow nature to take its course, living by the law of life just happening as it should.

One mom is sparking a whole lot of controversy. On a site that is geared toward mothers, the mom vented about her 24-year-old daughter being too young to have a baby. On the Mumsnet site, she admitted to being disappointed that her daughter had plans of starting a family right after she ties the knot.

The mom shared the following honest post…

“I have to admit I do feel a little disappointed. DD is only 24 and it seems such a young age to be intentionally trying for a baby. Her DF [darling fiancé] is quite a bit older (33) and I wonder this could be the cause of the sudden urgency.”

The mom went on to say that her daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law are a lovely couple, they both have decent jobs and a house but she thinks that it is a waste of their younger years to be having children already. She also shared that her daughter’s future husband is 33, which may be the cause of the urgency to have a baby.

The users on Mumsnet weren’t too impressed with the woman’s blatant “butting in” to her daughter’s life and most agreed that she should mind her own business…

“It’s none of your business. If she wants kids now and they’re in a good position to support one, butt out. There’s no way that conversations will end happily.”

“It’s her choice and if you want to start this whole process off with being unsupportive then expect to not be involved with the child. I couldn’t have a grandparent be that involved if I’m reminded constantly that said grandparent didn’t want my baby to exist.”

One commenter pointed out the fact that age is not the issue…

“Age is not the problem unless you are of advanced years, look at the money side if you can afford children then go for it, if not wait save be sensible.”

Back in the day, it wasn’t odd to have a child young and technically 24 would’ve been considered old to have a first child…

“We had our oldest daughter at 19. And no one thought anything of it. We all had our kids young back then.”

The strange thing about this is that most moms are ecstatic when they become grandparents. Evidently, that is not the case here. Maybe this user is regretting having her own children too young and she is hoping her daughter doesn’t make what she feels is a mistake. The bright side is that if her daughter does have a child at 24 or 25, she will have much more freedom in her forties, as opposed to those who are waiting to have kids in their forties these days.