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Mom Tells Daughter “I Love You.” But Listen Closely To The Little Baby’s Response

Babies are filled with joy. That’s one of the reasons they bring so much happiness to every situation they enter. A baby manages to find the fun in all situations, whether it is something everyday like going to the grocery store or taking a ride down to the riverfront or cute family moments that will be cherished forever. But when mom tells her little baby “I love you,” which she probably does dozens of times every day, the mom gets a surprise when baby Gemma Kate responds with a shocking comeback that has the internet melting from its cuteness.

The video below has been watched millions of times for a simple reason – it sparks so much joy and love. In the video, you’ll watch as mom tells Gemma Kate, “I love you,” and then the baby replies with the exact same phrase in the exact same way. It’s utterly adorable and is bound to make your heart melt.

BabyCenter, an online resource for parents that describes all the stages of development from newborn to infant to toddler, wrote about when babies usually start to speak. And while babies Gemma Kate’s age can produce sounds, they do not usually know how to speak real words – that comes a little later.

“The first proper word is often said around the baby’s first birthday. First words are usually simple names or easy to say objects. Nouns usually come first, like ‘ball.’ The words may not always sound like adult words, but the words are used consistently for the same thing, for example, ‘og’ for dog.”

That’s the reason this video is causing people’s hearts to melt. Although adorable Gemma Kate cannot say “I love you” perfectly as an adult might be able to say it, she does get the sounds down and has the right tone to her voice. She is clearly expressing affection toward her mother who has sacrificed so much to bring the baby girl into the world and show her the ropes of living the good life.

That’s why the internet is thanking mom for having the camera rolling as she was talking back and forth with the cute little baby. Take a moment to watch the video below and see how the fifteen-month-old baby turns her mother’s display of affection into a viral video in just several seconds.

I remember my daughter doing something similar when she was very young. Because she loves sounds and music, she developed her ability to produce those sounds at a young age. It’s something we practice with her because it is fun. I love singing with my daughter and talking to her and trying to indulge her imagination and make up worlds and games. She has recently turned two and is starting to play tea-time with my wife and me. It’s adorable, and we love it.

The video below is bound to warm your heart from the bottom to the top.

What do you think of Gemma Kate being able to repeat “I love you” to her mother?

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