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Mom Tried To Keep Her Toddler Quiet When The Movie Started, But These Two Couldn’t Stand It

While a woman was watching a movie in a Long Island cinema, she grew upset at a two-year-old girl who was making noise. The woman decided to dump popcorn on the little girl’s head, and now the woman, 25-year-old Keri Karman, has been arrested. And she could face serious punishment. Karman and her furious father were trying to enjoy a movie at the AMC Dine-in Theater in Levittown, Long Island. And they were ended up sitting next to a mom and her toddler. That was their first mistake.

The movie the Karmans went to go see? An animated children’s film.

The 28-year-old woman’s daughter wanted some popcorn while they were watching the movie on January 2. But Karman could not stand the little girl’s voice during the film. So she tried to calm the child down verbally, but the toddler continues to whine at her mother.

Karman grew furious and then lost control of herself.

Karman then approached the woman and her daughter and put her hand over the little girl’s mouth. She yelled at the mother and daughter and tried to convince them to calm down. But it was really Karman who needed calming.

The toddler’s mother couldn’t believe this strange woman was accosting them like this. While a talking child during a movie is a frustrating thing, she couldn’t think that Karman would not stop.

This was when Karman put her finishing touch on the abuse. She poured a container of popcorn onto the little girl’s head. Then she smacked her in the head with the box, which made the child burst into tears. Karman had caused the little girl to get a contusion on her head.

Karman and her father, 61-year-old Charles Karman fled the theater after the incident of abuse. They knew that had acted wrongly.

Employees remember the scene vividly because things like this seldom happen.

“I guess she had been calming (the girl) down since they walked from the theater,” the employee said. “It’s just stupid, to be honest … Don’t do that. You’re a grown-up.”

Police were called and conducted an investigation. And the evidence was not in Karman’s favor.

The little girl was taken to the doctor for the contusion and the head pain she complained about.

Both the Karmans were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

The Karmans’ neighbor said they were known for having anger problems.

“Somebody has anger-management issues,” said a former neighbor of the Karmans. “That’s a bad example to set.”

Meanwhile, the Karmans avoided reporters and did not answer their door when asked for comment.

Surveillance footage ultimately aided the Nassau detectives. They also used credit card receipts to track down the suspects.

Karman’s father was charged because he did not stop his daughter from abusing the child.

Both are due back in court on March 12.

Karman operates a dog walking service that she calls Keri’s South Shore Dog Walking. And while her company promises to be “your pet’s second best friend,” she certainly doesn’t have any sympathy for children in the movies.

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