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Mom Was Breastfeeding Her Son When She Noticed Something Awful About The Baby Monitor

Among the things that helps parents of newborns breathe a little easier is a baby monitor, which allows them to hear (or see, if it includes video functionality) their child when they aren’t in the room with them. One mom, however, noticed something particularly awful about the baby monitor they had set up in their son’s room. South Carolina mom Jamie Summitt discovered that her baby monitor had been hacked, discovering the glitch when her son Noah was sleeping.

The Fredi monitor utilizes WiFi and the movement of the camera can be controlled remotely via a phone app. Sounds like a dream to use, but it quickly became a nightmare, when Jamie noticed that the camera was peering over her bed as she breastfed her three-month-old.

She noticed this when she was sitting in the living room watching her son via the baby monitor. She explained the discovery on Facebook, starting her post off by explaining that she was writing “in hopes that it prevents anyone else for having to go through this.” She added: “If you have this baby monitor do yourself a favor and unplug it and throw it away RIGHT now.”

She noted: “All of a sudden I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the camera was moving… and it was panning over to our bed. The exact spot that I breastfeed my son every day. Once the person watching realized I was not in bed, he panned back over to Noah asleep in his bassinet.”

Wow, if that doesn’t give you a terrible feeling… Jamie added: “My heart immediately sank into my stomach. I realized that this morning the camera was facing our bed when I had last left it facing away from our bed and over at Noah in his bassinet.”

She thought perhaps her husband was using the app to check in from work, but he said he hadn’t used the camera that day. Jamie explained how uneasy she felt, noting: “I feel so violated. This person has watched me day in and day out in the most personal and intimate moments between my son and I. I am supposed to be my son’s protector and have failed miserably.”

Interestingly, when they called and emailed the monitor company, the number listed was out of service. They contacted the police, but they couldn’t do anything about it. Jamie further added: “Once we tried to open the app back up after the incident it gave us an error message ‘insufficient permissions’ and locked us out.”

She noted: “This was also after we had an officer in our home looking at the monitor. This leads me to believe that the app had been hacked and whoever was watching saw that we had figured out it was hacked.”

Following this creepy development, the couple changed their passwords and increased WiFi security in their home.

Among those who commented on her Facebook post was one person who offered this advice: “We have an IP camera that is not only encrypted but you also have to know a pretty lengthy password to view the feed. Do yourself a favor and know security features. Regular baby monitors and video monitors are much easier to hack than an IP camera.”