Mom Was Focused On Taking Selfies Instead Of Her Baby. What Happened Next Terrified Us All. : AWM

Mom Was Focused On Taking Selfies Instead Of Her Baby. What Happened Next Terrified Us All.

As every new mom knows, it takes a lot of work to raise an infant. And in the process, mom can feel like she gets no time to take care of herself. Before the baby, she might have had a beauty routine or had time to primp and make herself feel sexy and attractive. Nevertheless, some moms manage to find time to take care of themselves while raising a little one.

They go to the gym and still put on makeup even when the odds are against them. In India, one mom just lost her baby because of she decided to take a selfie and it put her infant at risk.

When a young mom was in a shopping center, she leaned over to her husband to take a selfie. That was the moment when her ten-month-old baby slipped out of her arms and fell three stories from the escalator to its death.

CCTV footage does not lie. It shows how the couple snapped a selfie near a shop. Then they went back to the escalator to travel to the floor above.

While riding the escalator, the husband asks his wife to take a selfie. She obeys. But as she goes to take the photo, she loses her balance on the escalator, and her baby falls from her arms to its death.

Footage shows that the baby first hit the railing before falling it fell between a gap in the escalator to its death at the shopping center in Ganganagar, Rajasthan in India.

Shoppers rushed to the scene to help the baby. But the baby was dead. It died on impact.

Nevertheless, an ambulance arrived and rushed the infant to the hospital. But it was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police were called and launched an investigation into the ten-month-old infant’s death.

“This is a clear-cut case of an accident,” the police spokesman said. “The family of the deceased baby has refused to take any legal action as it was an accident.”

The parents and the baby were in the shopping center because they had just come from a checkup at a health clinic. After it went well, they came to the center to shop.

Babies at that age like to move around a lot. They squirm and move and can be hard to hold onto. Just a few days before this incident in Rajasthan, a similar accident occurred in Mumbai when a baby fell down two flights and died.

The family is now in mourning.

Readers of Mail Online were horrified to hear about this incident. Dozens shared comments of compassion.

“Oh my goodness, absolutely heartbreaking. This current trend for selfies and being on your phone all the time is causing so many problems. I know we cannot get rid of technology, but this type of news heightens awareness of how distracting phones are.”

“This is so terrible! A nightmare. Poor baby!”

“Phones really are turning us all into mindless zombies. They are destroying us. They had the opportunity to be one of the most useful and beneficial pieces of tech that we have ever invented. Instead, they are used for pay to play… games and antisocial media.”