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Mom Watched In Shock When Her Non-Verbal Daughter Walked Straight Over To This Homeless Man

When Kimberly B. Phillips was out and about with her eight-year-old daughter, Neveah, who happens to be non-verbal, she thought they’d just be running a few errands and enjoying some much-needed mommy-daughter time. But while out on the streets of Columbia, South Carolina, Kimberly watched as Neveah did something utterly unexpected – she approached one of the homeless men their church has been helping and gave him something he doesn’t often get.

On this day, Kimberly and Neveah were joining their congregation at the church to help out the needy residents at the Allen Benedict Court apartments.

As they joined their church in the act of generosity and support, Kimberly watched as Neveah approached Tyion, one of the men who was receiving some help. Although Neveah is non-verbal with Down syndrome, she felt drawn to Tyion, who has a wonderful spirit. And somehow knew that he needed some extra love on that difficult day.

Kimberly has long known that her daughter has an affinity for helping people in need. She seems to be able to identify when someone needs a little something extra, and she does not hesitate to extend herself. Despite her inability to communicate verbally, Neveah always shines around her huge smile and shares whatever she can.

Although Neveah cannot speak “her actions speak” loud and clear. And in the video footage that mom captured, you can see just how powerful Neveah is even though she does not have the ability to use language.

“Even around Christmas, she dresses as an elf and passed out candy to people in the community. People are just in awe of her personality.”

On the day that the video was captured, Neveah happened to overhear Tyion singing. He has a wonderful voice, and his song touched the little girl’s heart. She approached him, and after getting the okay from mom, Tyion scooped Neveah up in his arms and then continued to sing to her.

But then something incredible happened. The non-verbal girl started singing along with Tyion. She was not able to form words, but she still sang along with him in her way.

Kimberly was at a loss as she watched her daughter sing with Tyion. Thankfully, she had the wherewithal to take out her phone and start filming a video of Neveah and Tyion’s impromptu performance. Mom saw their connection as just another example of God in her life.

“Love made her do it. She just knows how to draw a crowd. She just has a gift. I am just glad everyone has seen it, and it’s gone viral. I just wanted to inspire.”

Although Kimberly had no idea the video would become a viral sensation, she’s so glad that her daughter is bringing joy to even more people’s lives. That’s when she decided to find Tyion and make sure he watched the video. Kimberly felt he deserved to know he was “famous.”

Kimberly said Tyion was stunned. “He read the comments with a big smile on his face. You all have given him so much hope today. He leaned down to Neveah and said, ‘Look what we did!’”

Watch the inspiring video now.

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