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Mom Whispers Four Words When The Doctor Confirms Her Suspicions About Her Ultrasound

Becoming a parent is something that every generation must experience for themselves. No matter how much information someone gives you about pregnancy, giving birth, and raising a child, most of it you’ll have to learn as you go. Parents make mistakes as they learn the best practices and what to do with their little ones. It is hard work raising a child up from a baby to become an independent and kind adult. But when it is done right, we feel an unbelievable sense of pride.

While all the support parents get from their loved ones does a great deal, a parent must be on every minute of every day. Otherwise, a mistake could be made, and that may be irreversible.

Monica Price was a mom already. She had given birth twice before. But things were about to get wild for her and her growing family during the third pregnancy. Little did she know, but this addition to the family would change what she knew about pregnancy and parenting.

When Monica was nine weeks and four days pregnant, she and her husband visited the doctor for a routine ultrasound exam. They wanted all the juicy details about the little one that had yet to be born. Despite all her pregnancy experience, she urged her husband to take video of this ultrasound because her instinct told her this was going to be different. She didn’t know why she felt that way, but she did.

As the ultrasound technician performs the routine procedure, the room is filled with tension. Monica hopes nothing is wrong with her unborn child. And the technician is strangely quiet. It’s like they’ve seen a glimmer of something unusual and didn’t want to reveal it too soon.

Then the professional reveals the news. Monica had been right. This pregnancy was vastly different. And as Monica realizes that she was right, she starts weeping. She’s not expecting a baby. She’s expecting TWO babies. And she couldn’t be happier.

Monica continues to weep tears of joy as her husband, who is behind the camera, states that they suspected it was going to be twins. They didn’t know how but they just had a premonition about it. The video will melt your heart. Mom is so cute as she awaits the “verdict” about her third pregnancy.

More than 1.2 million views have accumulated on this video. And Monica shared it on her personal YouTube page with the following description:

“This is the day of our first ultrasound to see our new baby! I was 9 weeks 4 days! And I made my husband record because I just had a feeling it was twins and that it would be something we would want recorded to re-watch forever! Now we just need a bigger home! Enjoy!”

Sara Phillips, who wrote a comment, agreed that moms have an extrasensory ability to intuit things.

“It’s crazy how we moms have an instinct on having twins I also had a strong feeling even dreams I was expecting twins to go for a scan at 8 weeks to be told twins I’m now 26 weeks and expecting a boy and girl! Congratulations to you and your family!”

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