Mom Who Allowed Boyfriend Live Out His Fantasy On 14-Year-Old Daughter Learns Her Fate : AWM

Mom Who Allowed Boyfriend Live Out His Fantasy On 14-Year-Old Daughter Learns Her Fate

On Friday, 44-year-old Sara Packer faced the court and pleaded guilty to one of the most horrific crimes imaginable. She trapped her 14-year-old daughter and bound her, so her lover could act out his rape fantasy. The incident happened in July 2016, and it was perhaps the worst crime that local police officers ever witnessed throughout their careers. On Friday, Packer pleaded guilty describing how she helped her 46-year-old boyfriend kidnap, molest, and murder her 14-year-old adopted daughter.

The man who raped the child was Jacob Sullivan, 46. He was Packer’s boyfriend and had his eyes on the teenage girl for some time. He broached his rape fantasy to the girl’s mother, and she was more than happy to make it happen for him, sacrificing her daughter’s life in the process.

In July 2016, Packer and Sullivan took Grace, the victim, prisoner so Sullivan could molest and rape her. Then they locked her in a room for an entire day before forcing her to ingest sleeping pills to kill her. They stuffed her body in a hot attic and stored her remains in kitty litter for months before getting a bone saw to chop her up and drop her remains in the woods 75 miles away.

On Thursday, Sullivan was sentenced to death. The next day, Packer pleaded guilty and is awaiting her punishment.

While standing before Bucks County Judge Diane E. Gibbons, Packer pleaded guilty to kidnapping, child rape, first-degree murder of her adopted daughter. Packer also pleaded guilty to theft of government funds and the abuse of the teenage girl’s corpse.

Judge Gibbons found the criminals disgusting and was not afraid to say so while she faced the murderers down in court.

“There is no cure for people like you. You didn’t become this. This is who you are.”

Packer worked as a county adoption supervisor. She would often cash checks destined for Grace into her own account after she helped Sullivan rape and murder the child.

The judge asked Packer if she understood the charges that she was pleaded guilty to. Packer affirmed that she most certainly understood them and had committed them as described by prosecutors.

During the sentencing, while Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub read a victim impact statement, the murderous mom refused to look at him, trying to ignore the truth about what she had done. However, Judge Gibbons refused to let the woman do that. She demanded that she look at the district attorney and listen to how her crimes impacted the little girl.

“For the first 14 years of her (daughter’s) life, that woman ignored her and treated her as an inanimate object, as a paycheck,” Weintraub said. “I wanted her to listen and know Grace for the first time as people who truly loved her knew Grace.”

The day before Packer confessed her guilt, Judge Gibbons looked upon Sullivan and professed, “You have no soul.”

This crime required extreme levels of depravity to be committed. Packer proved that she was not apt to be a mother.

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