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Mom’s Organized Pantry Gets Slammed By Critics

As a parent, I understand how hard it is to keep things organized. With a toddler running around my house, it’s a daily struggle to put things back where they belong because it’s never-ending. And since I want to spend my free time writing, not cleaning up the house, the neatness of the place does not always reflect the desired outcome I’d like it to have.

One mom decided to show off how organized she kept things in her house. So she snapped a picture of her pantry and bragged about it on Facebook, sharing the images with her friends and followers. But things backfired spectacularly as thousands of other parents began railing into the “organized mom” for the reason that she never saw coming.

Because this organized mom had everything in her pantry lined up in perfect order, she decided to show off her handiwork on Facebook. However, instead of singing her praises, other people ridiculed her for stocking her family’s home with a “heart attack in a pantry,” since most of her food items are considered very unhealthy for adults and growing children alike.

The image of the organized pantry showed off lots of candy, junk food snacks, sugary food, and beverages, as well as lots of processed foods which have been proven to be horrible for your health.

“How tempting that all must be to make the adult feel organized, but in fact, that whole cupboard is full of really bad food and would be terrible for children to eat that and nothing else.”

Another critic agrees with the comment I shared above, “heart attack in a pantry.”

Other people were quick to point out that the mother may seem to have things in order on the top shelves, but the bottom shelf seems like it is about to fall apart – and they took this as evidence that she is unable to keep a safe house for herself and her family. These other parents were quite cruel to this proud mom.

Some people also wanted this mom to buy plastic packaging to keep the food safe before moths and weevils made their way into it and ruined it all before the kids could get a chance to devour the junk food.

“I mean no disrespect as I’m sure it costs a lot of time and energy to get all of that food let alone get it that organized, but for me to see a lot of packaging and a lot of wasted space.

While all the critics could see was the negative aspects of the pantry, others were quick to praise the busy mom for organizing it in such an easy way.

“I do not even own a pantry. This would be bliss.”

“As money is tight at the moment, it would be bliss to be able to afford to have it this full,” another person wrote in pure envy of the abundance of the food in the image.

Because mothers have a lot of responsibilities, other moms can get very competitive and judgmental if they see something that is not the “right” way of doing it.

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