An outraged TikTok user caught sight of an attractive woman wearing a one-piece bathing suit at a family waterpark. Because the woman in the suit had a bathing suit with a thong back, the TikTok user began using their mobile device to record a video of the attractive woman as she spoke to a man that users of the Chinese-created social media app believe was either her husband or boyfriend.

The woman who filmed the video was named Kim Stram, and she was furious that the young woman would wear such a revealing bathing suit to a family-friendly waterpark. She turned to the Chinese website and app to ask people if she was right in assuming that the woman was wrong to wear her bathing suit like that. But instead of getting the reaction she hoped for. She was met with a mixed response as many people defended the woman in the bathing suit because she was in the water trying to enjoy herself at the public waterpark.

Stram wrote as a caption of her now-viral TikTok video: “Is this appropriate for a water park, or NOT?” She also confirmed that she did not think the woman should be wearing the revealing bathing suit because it was not “appropriate (because) there are kids all around her” but that, nevertheless, the woman in the controversial one-piece bathing suit “looks great” in what she was wearing to the waterpark.

Stram’s video has accumulated more than four million views – mostly because people are eager to see the attractive woman in the revealing bathing suit. Commenters were on both sides of the fence, but the majority of viewers defended the woman in the pool because she was wearing a bathing suit just like everyone else was doing – she just looked attractive in it and was drawing eyes to herself.

“Lol, cmon kids just want to swim. They don’t care what you are wearing,” one person wrote. “All they care about is being able to stay at the water park and not go home.”

“Yep. She’s old enough, and it’s her choice,” another agreed. “Why would kids care? Let her be her. Just worry about yourself.”

“I work at a water park. This is normal,” someone else added.

Others, however, agreed with Stram that the woman should not have been wearing such a revealing bathing suit because there were children present.

“I think it’s inappropriate for kids to see,” one person said. “I would not want my daughter seeing another woman in a thong like that. Just my opinion.”

“I think it’s inappropriate because there are kids all around her,” another agreed.

At the end of the day, it is up to the woman wearing the bathing suit to decide what she feels comfortable in and how she wants to present herself to the world. If she is confident and happy with her body, then more power to her – she should rock that bathing suit with pride. If she feels like she needs to cover up more because she is not comfortable with how much skin is showing, then that is her prerogative as well. There is no right or wrong answer here – it is entirely up to the woman in the one-piece bathing suit.

What do you think? Is it appropriate to wear a revealing bathing suit to a family waterpark?

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