Months After Miscarriage, Mom Snaps Scary Photo Inside Her Bedroom. Look Closer : AWM

Months After Miscarriage, Mom Snaps Scary Photo Inside Her Bedroom. Look Closer

After miscarrying with twins, Francesca Riley, was at a friends house with her 18-month-old daughter, Phoebe. While there, the 24-year-old mom took a photo. At the time she didn’t think much of it, but when she looked at the photo, later on, she saw a figured standing over her daughter’s pram. The figure was dressed in white with long black hair and resembled the ghost in the movie ‘The Ring.’ She also believed that it looked like Regan from the Exorcist.

Coincidently, this occurred just two weeks after Riley miscarried. Feeling that there was a reason for the image to appear, Riley took her curiosity to mediums, who have suggested that the figure was a guardian angel or one of the twin babies that she recently lost. She lost the first twin at 7 weeks and lost its sibling a week later.

Riley, on the other hand, felt that the figure was too frightening looking to be anything positive.

“I’m terrified of all things to do with ghosts and I couldn’t even run out of the room because the figure was stood by the door,” said Riley. It’s attracted quite a lot of attention from ghost experts. Some have messaged me saying it’s a guardian angel because I lost my babies last Monday, but I still think it’s the girl from The Ring. She was too scary to be an angel.”

It wasn’t until Riley was playing around with her camera that she noticed the shadow in the photo.

‘The spirit looked like the little girl from the films,” said Riley. “Other people we have shown it to have said it looks like a little girl or woman. Some have even said they think it’s a cat. I took a picture and looked at it and thought “Oh my God, that looks like a little girl. Then I looked at that side of the room again but nothing was there.”

Paranormal investigators have a theory that the little girl is known as Lily, who was a tenant of the area, which was once the site of an old mill. Some believe that Lily can be seen searching the apartment block for her dead family.

“I do believe in the supernatural but it’s just strange to see it through the camera and not with my own eyes,” said Riley. ‘The apartment building where my friend lives used to be an old mill that has been converted into flats. At first, I thought it must be a shadow but when I looked closer at the image it definitely looked like a little girl ghost.’

Commenters had a lot of opinions to share. Some felt that ghosts don’t exist…

“Science has proven there’s no afterlife no ghosts no spirits with all this late equipment and technology with the cameras today I’m sure it would pick up ghosts. Grow up and stop believing in nonsense.”

Others sided with Riley, that the figure was very similar to the girl in the movies…

“Absolutely 100% looks like someone from one of the well know documentaries The Ring or The Exorcist.”