Florida is littered with criminal adoptions. Since just 2017, dozens of babies have illegally been bought and sold through Florida’s crime-ridden underground baby trafficking system. Because of this, Florida wants to follow in Belgium’s footsteps and install safe haven boxes so parents can abandon their children safely without exposing those unwanted children to sex trafficking rings and wonton abusers. In Florida, parents can LEGALLY abandon their children at a fire station or hospital but require a face-to-face interaction, which has forced some parents to seek illegal ways to dispose of their babies in Florida.

Because Belgium has successfully installed the safe haven boxes for needy parents, Florida hopes to bring this progressive European practice to their state. A new bill has been put forth in Florida called the Safe Haven Law that could result in safe haven boxes being installed in many major cities and towns across the state – perhaps on a street corner near you.

Safe Haven boxes are currently available to parents in other states like Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas, and Arizona. These states, which are known for cracking down on abortion while simultaneously stripping welfare services away from the hands of needy mothers, are in dire need of ways for desperate parents to safely abandon their children.

Florida Rep. Mike Beltran hopes to bring these boxes to Florida. Because he does not support abortion and does not want to offer social services to mothers in need, he feels that the safe haven boxes are a great alternative to parents selling babies on Florida’s booming human trafficking black market.

“I believe in reducing abortion and protecting children, and so this is a bill that I am excited to sponsor,” Beltran said in a statement.

The baby box system does not impress most people. Pierre Muylle, the ex-Mayor of Brussels, where the initiative has recently been put forward, opposed the policy. Muylle feared that desperate moms would turn to the baby boxes in droves because it is such an easier alternative than raising a baby to become an independent adult.

However, the nonprofit organization, Coriva, which fought for years to bring the boxes to Belgium, believes that they are a force for good. While it is possible that some parents might abuse the safe haven boxes as a type of post-delivery abortion, these boxes give parents more options instead of forcing parents to give into desperation.

Monica Kelsey was behind the first baby box, which was installed in 2016. She was an abandoned child and understood the struggle both children and their mothers go through. Her program simply gives mothers a resource to ensure their children get the help they need to thrive. If Safe Haven Boxes where in every major location, Kelsey believes, then there would be fewer abandoned children.

Safe Haven boxes are controversial. They force us to face an issue we wish did not exist. But the reality is that not every woman who gives birth to a baby is prepared to give that baby a good life. Sometimes, women become pregnant from rape or incest and have nowhere else to turn. This box helps everyone who needs it and ensures babies do not fall through the cracks into the hands of a child trafficker.

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