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More And More People Are Licking Ice Cream Before Putting It Back On The Shelf

Just days after the beautiful teenager licked a 64-ounce tub of ice cream and put it back into the grocery store’s freezer aisle, copycat prankster Lenise Martin III, 36, posted a video of him doing the same thing and was promptly arrested. Martin licked the tub of ice cream near his home in Louisiana and made it clear he was desperate for some attention, and the police have charged him as such.

Martin was hit with the unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity. But that’s not all folks! He was also charged for tampering with the property after he licked the tub of ice cream and put it back onto the shelf at the Louisiana grocery store.

The last incident occurred not far away in eastern Texas. It seems that Martin caught the ice-cream-licking bug from the teenager who did it just days before after her boyfriend urged her to lick the ice cream while he was filming her.

Martin is a copycat prankster who will be punished. He licked his tub of ice cream at a supermarket in Belle Rose, Louisiana. As people suspected, the initial ice-cream-licking video has sparked a social media trend where people are trying to get away with it and test the law in the process.

Like the Texas teen, Martin targeted Blue Bell ice cream. Although the teen performed the disgusting lick in just a few seconds, Martin took his time. The video of him tampering with the food lasted 37 seconds, which only indicates that he is really desperate to get noticed for his crime. In the clip, Martin removes the ice cream lid, licks the sweet insides. Then he dips his finger into the soft creamy dessert before he put the lid back on and placed it back on the shelf.

It was not long before store managers became aware that he had licked the ice cream. However, Martin acted as if he did nothing wrong. He brought a receipt back to the store to show that he paid for the tub of ice cream, although that hardly matters given that he was doing something disgusting on film and pretending he was doing it illegally.

Martin is currently behind bars as he waits for his bond hearing.

An Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman said, “It is illegal. It is a health risk to others. We will pursue anyone we see do this. You will be charged.”

The message is loud and clear. Whether or not Martin eventually purchased the ice cream, whether he licked it or not, does not matter. He still licked it and put it back into the freezer – and the evidence is caught on video.

The Sheriff’s Office added that other copycats will be handled “immediately and with the full extent of the law.”

Before the perpetrator in the initial video was identified as a minor, she could have faced up to twenty years behind bars. She will not be tried as an adult for this prank gone wrong. She will be sent to the juvenile justice system to be dealt with as the law describes.

36-year-old copycat Martin will not get off so easily.

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