Scientists from Mexico believe they may have created a new nose-only mask that protects against COVID-19. Not only do wearers only have to cover their noses with the new invention, but they can also still eat, talk, and drink as they normally would, making everyday life all the easier. These nose-masks are to be worn underneath standard face masks and face coverings and can make it even safer to eat at restaurants and at dinners with those outside your household.

A video provided by the makers of the new nose-only mask was obtained by Reuters and promoted on Wednesday. In the demonstration, a man and a woman are seated for lunch. They remove their traditional face masks and reveal that they have the new, unusual-looking nose-only mask on underneath. This mask keeps them safe from the spread of the deadly virus responsible for COVID-19 but still allows them to enjoy lunch with each other.

The video shows the packets where the new masks were kept and a label identifying them as “eating masks.” Clearly, these devices could help protect more people who are eating in public or at restaurants. Because COVID-19 is spread through invisible respiratory droplets, it can be very dangerous to eat with people who are not in your household. However, these nose-only masks can protect you from inhaling virus particles because so long as you don’t breathe through your mouth while at lunch, you can be safer from the transmission.

Newer research from Johns Hopkins University indicates that human cells that provide people a means to smell are also vulnerable entry points for coronavirus particles. This means that it is imperative to keep your nose covered while next to people who are not in your household or who may have been exposed to the virus.

These Mexican nose-only masks may offer people more protection if they are out at a restaurant because they can keep particles out of the wearer’s nose. So long as the person wearing the new mask does not breathe through their mouths, they can receive some extra protection, which decreases their likelihood of contracting the life-threatening disease caused by the coronavirus.

Although the masks are practical, social media users ridiculed them because of the silly way they look.

“Hardly a new invention, clowns have been wearing them for years,” one person tweeted along with an image of a red clown nose.

Another social media user wrote: “Unfortunately – it dramatically Increases the risk of collapsing into hysterical laughter and choking to death on your food.”

“Is there an option to get a nose cover with silly glasses attached,” another asked.

Although some made fun of it, others thought it was ingenious.

“Well, just a nose mask would REDUCE transmission of germs and viruses. It looks odd because we’re not used to it. A year ago, facemasks looked odd,” a supporter wrote.

“I know this is dumb, but to be fair, the nose contains the highest concentration of the receptors that Covid attaches itself to, so this is definitely better than being mask off while eating,” said another Twitter user.

Do you think this new face mask would be useful?

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