Most People Can Recognize These Characters, But Do You Know Secret Meaning Behind Each One? : AWM

Most People Can Recognize These Characters, But Do You Know Secret Meaning Behind Each One?

If you are a fan of the cartoon, you probably know this already, but when the characters were created and written, each one was made to represent a mental illness. This is interesting and definitely different from other cartoons that have been around throughout the years.

Winnie the Pooh struggles with ADHD. If you pay close attention to him, this become evident. He has a disorganized lifestyle, he thoughts are scattered, he is constantly forgetful, and he does very random things. Those with ADHD can certainly relate to the lovable bear and the struggles that he has with this illness.

It probably comes as no surprise that Eyeore suffers from depression. When you watch his character, he always just seems very down and depressed. He moves slowly and never seems to smile or get very engaged in fun activities. He is more in the background for the most part and over the years, many people have commented on how sad he seems to be all of the time.

Roo, who is Kanga’s son, seems to be on the autism spectrum. It seems as though he is not very in tune with what is happening around him and this has resulted in him ending up in some dangerous situations at times. Then, there are other times when you see him just sitting in his mother’s pouch and not even noticing what is happening around him. Because of this, many people have speculated that he seems to be on the autism spectrum.

Piglet is definitely one of the most relatable and lovable characters and this might be due to the fact that he might be suffering from anxiety which is a common mental illness throughout the United States. He appears to always be worried and concerned about what could happen. He also tends to run and hide any time there is a sudden noise, movement or other unexpected surprise. He wants life and the environment that he is in to be simple and calm at all times.

Kanga is believed to have social anxiety disorder. As a single parent, she seems constantly concerned about how she is going to survive, and she always wants to know where her son is at all times. The outside world seems to be a trigger for her and can cause her to feel anxious and worried.

Rabbit might have OCD and you can certainly see this when you pay attention to him. He wants everything to be flawlessly organized at all times and when it is not, this can cause him to experience a wealth of stress.

Tigger is everyone’s favorite tiger, and this is partly because of the extremely high level of energy that the big cat has. However, this intense energy might also be a sign that he has hyper-activity and that he is incredibly impulsive with a desperate need to be included.

Christopher Robin is the only human in the gang and due to his extremely vivid imagination, some people have theorized that he might have schizophrenia. This could mean that Hundred Acre Wood is all a figment of his imagination.