Most People Miss Obvious Sign In Photo That ISIS Is Nearing The End Of It’s Existence. Look Closely : AWM

Most People Miss Obvious Sign In Photo That ISIS Is Nearing The End Of It’s Existence. Look Closely

With ISIS on the run, the Islamic terror group is relying on all its members to step up and fight against their enemies. And that means the organization is relying on its women and children to take up arms. Despite the group’s supposedly conservative views concerning the roles of women, ISIS is now putting women on the front lines with assault rifles.

A video captured on the battlefront found that female ISIS fighters wearing burqas were firing in a desperate attempt to hold their ground.

This video below only proves that the ISIS fighters are depleted of numbers as they are throwing their gender values out the window.

The photos depict female fighters in full black niqabs and in black gloves. One of these women has an assault rifle and is firing it at their enemies while others drive a pickup truck closer to the fight.

The jihadist organization released the photos of the female fighters in a desperate bid to attract more women to fight for their cause.

In the image, a female ISIS fighter is wearing a burqa while she fires an AK47-knock off rifle from behind a rampart made of dirt. She stands beside a male colleague as she tries to kill the “infidels.”

Another ISIS produced image shows more women armed with rifles standing in the back of a white pickup truck. A male fighter stands at the side and an ISIS flag if fluttering in the wind.

ISIS is desperate for recruits and has turned to their female members in the last ditch effort to survive.

Previously, ISIS had only released images of women who were part of their deadly all-female religious police group called the Al-Khansaa Brigade.

This female group, which may or may not still be operational, used the women recruited from foreign countries to tour the streets of captured territories and espouse the beliefs of the Islamic State and fish for more converts.

These female police rounds also followed Sharia law and severely beat any woman who was perceived of violating Islamic law. These included breaking dress code or venturing out of doors without a male escort.

These ISIS images depicted empowered women with guns who are fighting on the front lines. Unless the male ISIS fighters have resorted to wearing female dress as a disguise, the terror group is pulling women up from their subservient role into the battle.

As a Middle East expert and lecturer at Kings College in London, Shiraz Maher, said that the new photos are part of “A new official release from Islamic State shows women in combat roles. They’ve previously spoken about it, but this is the first time we’ve seen actual evidence it of it.”

Ran Meir, the Arab affairs analyst for the Clarion Project, mirrored Maher’s concerns. He admitted it was the first time he saw ISIS putting women on the front lines.

“It was well known while fighting the Kurdish women ISIS feared them very much because they believed that if you get killed by a woman, you won’t get to heaven. Now ISIS is using women because they’re in dire need for fighters.”