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Muslim KFC Employee Hears Someone Ask For Bacon, Loses His Mind (Video)

In Sydney, Australia, a KFC worker was fired after cursing at a customer who tried to order bacon with their meal. The reason that the order of bacon upset the worker so much was that it is against their religion to eat the food. However, the customer might not have known, but the KFC location where they were was a Halal-friendly location, meaning they did not serve bacon or pork-products at all.

Because the customer wanted bacon on their chicken sandwich, the worker made it clear that the ingredient was not served in the fast-food restaurant. However, the employee overreacted by aggressively cursing at the customer when they demanded the pork-based ingredient.

The incident occurred at the restaurant located in the Punchbowl neighborhood of Sydney. It occurred on December 26 and quickly got out of hand, so much so that a video camera came out and started recording the outburst.

The person behind the camera was the disgruntled, bacon-hungry customer who refused to accept that the Halal-friendly location did not serve the ingredient at all.

Another employee calmly explains that “we don’t have bacon,” before the angry employee blew into a rage.

“Don’t record me, b****!” the worker shouts. “Don’t f***ing record me!”

People often get upset when someone shoves a camera in their face and starts recording the situation. Others enjoy the attention on them.

As the employee gets angrier and angrier, he takes out his rage in a physical expression. He smacks the cash register onto its side. After he starts to get violent, other workers swoop into the situation to rescue him from his own rage and violence. They lead him outside before he can physically hurt another person.

“I’m gonna f***ing break your head bro!” the worker said to the person behind the camera.

Meanwhile, KFC Australia is not happy about this incident. They declared that the employee in the video was suspended and offered counseling to help deal with the abundant anger.

“KFC Australia strongly condemns the behavior of the team member who appears in the clip and sincerely apologizes for this very inappropriate reaction.”

The fast-food chain suspects that this is not the first time the customer has come into the shop and caused problems. They are investigating whether this is part of a systemic approach to harassment.

On the person’s YouTube page, where they shared the video of the outburst, the creator wrote, “We asked for bacon on the burger when we complained about there being no bacon.”

Regardless of what happened, the employee should have removed himself from the situation before things got to this point. Even if the customer was harassing him, flying into a rage does nothing for the good of the situation.

Hopefully, the employee accepts the counseling and learns to manage his anger better. Having angry outbursts like that cannot be good for a person’s health, their happiness, and for the people around them.

Have you ever had a problem with a worker at a fast food restaurant? Have you ever had an argument in a restaurant?

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