My Neighbor Handed Me This Ball Of Plastic Wrap At A Party And Said, “We’re Going To Play A Game” : AWM

My Neighbor Handed Me This Ball Of Plastic Wrap At A Party And Said, “We’re Going To Play A Game”

We’ve all been there; Christmas Day, sitting around the family dinner table after everyone has eaten their fill. What do you do to fill that time after dinner and dessert, but before everyone is ready to call it a day? Find a perfect game to play, of course! We’ve discovered one of our new favorites, and most people have never even heard of it in their entire lives.

It’s called the Saran Wrap Game, and it really couldn’t be simpler. In fact, it’s a perfect fit for Christmas because it involves every single player getting some fun gifts! It involves a bunch of random small gifts, some die, and a couple boxes of Saran Wrap.

The more gifts you want to add to the game, the more Saran Wrap you’ll need to pick up beforehand. The key to this game is a lot of smaller gifts, with increasing value as they get closer to the inside of the ball.

Packing the presents inside is simple enough, but there are tricks to make it more difficult. Start out by pulling some wrap, then add a gift. Wrap around the gift several times, then do another. Every few gifts, rip off the wrap and add a few extra pieces. Then start wrapping again from the opposite side.

This technique makes it much more difficult to unwrap the presents all at once, and timing is everything in this amazing game. Each person has a set amount of time to unwrap as many presents as they can, trying to get to those precious ones hidden deep inside.

The game starts with one person rolling dice, and the player in front of them begins their turn unwrapping presents. They can continue to unwrap until the other player rolls doubles, which then makes them the dice roller and the gift ball moves onto the next.

That’s really all there is to it! Of course, there are several variations on the basic game – but it’s definitely intended to be something you make your own. Come up with fun rules of your own and make this fun game into your ideal source of entertainment!

There’s nothing like giving gifts, spreading love, and having fun with your family during the holiday season. It ends once all the Saran Wrap runs out, but by then everybody will be laughing and enjoying their new little snacks and trinkets – win/win situation.

According to TipHero, some families will mix it up a bit by adding in a blindfold to the already difficult task of unrolling the ball of plastic wrap. Come up with some of these sort of rules and your family will have a new game to enjoy for years to come.

Every family has their favorite game to play, and I’m sure everyone would love to hear yours! So share your family’s absolute favorite way to enjoy the holidays in the comments below, and make this holiday amazing for everyone! Share the love people, because it’s the season of giving.

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