My Neighbors Adopted This Calf After A Tragedy, And Now It Believes It’s One Of The Family Dogs : AWM

My Neighbors Adopted This Calf After A Tragedy, And Now It Believes It’s One Of The Family Dogs

Baby cows are undeniably cute, but what about this adorable calf, who thinks she’s a dog? Her family welcomed her into their home after rescuing the calf from a very sad situation. Her tragic story coupled with her beautiful temperament made her an easy fit with her family. Harveigh went to live with Tammy and Ren Canton when, just days after Hurricane Harvey, she was rejected by her mother and left outside starving and alone in the freezing cold.

While the couple already had two families and 8 dogs in their house, they managed to find a place in their home and hearts for Harveigh. To say she took to it immediately is an understatement. She was brought inside, shivering and weak, as it was believed that if she had been left outside she wouldn’t have survived. Harveigh made a great recovery and was so nurtured by her humans and fellow animals that she began to believe she was one of the dogs.

Tammy explained to Katy magazine: “The few cows we have on our property are old show heifers and their offspring,” so raising a baby cow “was a whole new experience.”

Harveigh made a special connection with Sealy, the pit pull, as Tammy told the Today show that Sealy had “taken over as her caretaker” and they had an amazing bond. Tammy explained that the cow was so comfortable in her home, the dogs didn’t “realize that she is a cow and not just a really big dog,” adding, “Truthfully, I don’t think Harveigh sees herself any different from the dogs.”

As she grew, the family worked to acclimate her to moving outside, even building a “cow condo” to help her with the transition. Harveigh’s owners posted regularly to her Facebook page, including a sad update recently that she had passed away from a liver condition.

In a touching tribute, her owners shared:

“There are exceptional animals who capture the public simply by the ability to love and enlighten us. Harveigh is one of these amazing exceptions and she demonstrates the special bond between animals and humans.

With a heavy heart, I am saddened to share Harveigh has crossed over to her new life. With each of you in mind, I kissed her sweet face and reminded her how loved she was. Although her death leaves us feeling saddened, Thank you so much for all of the love, well wishes, prayers, donations for her. Unfortunately, Harveigh’s liver disease was more advanced than initially suspected. As you know, myself along with the amazing staff and doctors at Texas A&M large animal hospital, have done everything possible, unfortunately she had a condition in which there is no cure.”

The owners continued: “‘Our’ Girl is now free to run with the dogs and goats as she is made new! No more pain or suffering. I know she is being fed watermelon and ordering herself bottles of milk laying it up in her newly created cow condo.”

They asked to “celebrate her life and to remember and honor her.”