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Mystery Of 6-Year-Old Who Vanished In 2011 Solved

After missing for eight years, a little boy has been found. He was discovered in Newport after going missing from Illinois eight years ago. The teenage boy identified himself as Timmothy Pitzen, who went missing from his family a number of years ago. Because the police have wanted to verify that he is the missing boy, they are putting him through a DNA test to verify his identity.

Although the police have identified the teen, they have not publicly announced his name as a way to protect his anonymity.

Although the teen identifies himself as Timmothy Pitzen, he is really a boy who belongs to a family that he went missing from in May 2011. He was just six when he went missing, so he doesn’t remember much from his previous life with his other family.

After he went missing, the boy’s mother Amy Fry-Pitzen was later found dead in Rockford, Illinois. With her dead, the boy was even harder to find.

On Wednesday, the police responded to the 740 block of Columbia St. in Newport, Ohio. The incident report made it clear that the police had a lot of luck finding the boy.

The caller to the police reported that “he’s with a 14-year-old juvenile… said he was kidnapped from somewhere.”

Although it had been years since he was stolen away from his mother and his previous life, the little boy still remembered her and wanted to be reunited with her.

However, his mother was deceased, and the boy did not know it.

When police learned that the boy was identified as Timmothy Pitzen, they learned that his name was linked to a missing person report from Aurora, Illinois. That sparked them to contact that police department. They found that the missing boy had a birthday of “10-18 of ‘04” and when they asked Pitzen about it, they found that his birthday was exactly the same.

When Timmothy was kidnapped, the criminal left behind a note that claimed how Timmothy would never be found. However, the note said that Timmothy was safe and being cared for by a “loved one.”

Although Timmothy was originally from Aurora, Illinois, he was last seen alive in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. That information comes from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

When police found the mother’s car, they learned that his car seat and his Spider-Man backpack were missing. There were also receipts for credit card purchases of clothing and children’s items just before his mother died.

The Sharonville report claimed that the boy escaped from his two kidnappers who held him captive who god knows what for seven years.

Aurora investigators joined the FBI agents in Cincinnati to help solve the missing person case.

“We cannot confirm that the person of interest here is Tommothy Pitzen,” a spokesman for Aurora police, William Rowley, said: “At this point, we have no further information to provide.”

Newport Police Chief Tom Collins said they received a call about someone “walking around the east side of Newport and didn’t seem like he belonged there… Things did not look right.”

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