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Nail Technician Gets Unexpected Note From Client

One nail technician kept pushing to earn a living despite being pregnant and alone. The 24-year-old came to work every day she could to save up as much money as possible in advance of her child’s birth. Now the nail tech, Breanna Turner, from North Carolina has come forward to share how an anonymous customer left her nearly a $1,000 tip on a $33 nail care service.

Breanna was stunned to find the large tip. She had expected nothing of the sort from the client. However, she did appreciate how the client had listened to her story and listened to her as she described her worries and fears about giving birth and raising her first child.

At six months pregnant, Breanna has had complications. She has been struggling with work because of acute sickness due to her pregnancy. And because she has gotten sick, she has missed work, which put stressful financial pressure on her.

Last week, the nail salon demanded that she continue to work and take on a final client for the day. However, Breanna had not even gotten a break and had not even had the chance to eat any food despite working a grueling shift for the nail salon.

However, this final client proved to be the one who gave her a generous tip.

“I did a manicure and a pedicure for a lady, and we just had a deep conversation about God and our journeys in life,” Breanna told WXII. “What she’s been through and what I’ve been through, she ended up tipping me $1,000 just from that one $33 service.

Although Breanna had met that client only that one time, the person felt such a connection with the mom-to-be that she wanted to share her wealth and give the struggling nail tech a leg up as she prepares to give birth and raise a child.

The anonymous client wrote a note and left it for Breanna along with the tip. It said;

“Love Bre and want her to have any treasures she wants, including $1,000.”

Breanna had no idea that the customer had left such a generous tip. But when she got the tip at the end of her shift, she was shocked. For a moment, she even considered returning the money.

“I would try to give some of it back to her,” she said. “I pray for her all the time now. She didn’t know me. She didn’t have to do it. And her service, I do great pedicures but $1,000? That was a lot!”

Although Breanna manages to have admirable humility concerning the situation, she deserved the tip, every cent of it. Not only was she a superb nail tech, but she also has a child on the way and needs the money. The client recognized that and was happy to give generously because she trusted that the money would go to good use.

Breanna described the client as “God sned.”

“She just poured into my life and spoke to me and told me not to give up,” Breanna said. “She was the sweetest lady ever.”

What do you think about this woman’s generous tip?

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