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Neglected Orphan With Gray Eyes Gives Up Hope Until One Woman Recognizes Something In Her Photo

Primrose had a difficult time growing up. From the moment she entered the world, she was an outcast. Diagnosed with a problematic case of congenital glaucoma as a newborn, her birth parents did not want her. She also endured a hearing disability. Because of the medical challenges, her mother wanted nothing to do with her. And because she was born in rural China, she was taken away and shipped to an orphanage in a Chinese village. For two years, Primrose received inadequate treatment.

Although the people at the orphanage did the best they could with the limited resources the communist government provided, they could hardly care for a young girl with medical problems. And it seemed like Primrose’s nightmare would never have a happy ending.

However, it was Primrose’s eyes that attracted a young couple who wanted to help her. Because of her silver gaze, they knew she was special. Something about it drew them to her.

Although her sight had been the primary reason other family rejected her for adoption, it was this very feature that made her attractive to the family from a foreign country – the United States of America.

The young couple from Braselton, Georgia heard Primrose’s story and knew that she was the baby they had been looking for. Life for the silver-eyed baby started to shift when Chris and Eryn Austin found the silver-eyed baby’s photo online. And from that moment, Eryn knew that Primrose was destined to be her child. Call it a premonition or a mother’s instinct. There was no doubt at all for Eryn.

For weeks, the Austins struggled to communicate with the Chinese orphanage. But when they finally told them they wanted Primrose, they scheduled a meet-and-greet and flew to China to see her. And when they saw the girl that everyone else had rejected, they knew she was theirs. The Georgia couple was determined to show Primrose all the love and compassion she deserved, despite her visual and auditory impairments.

Now that she had a loving American family to raise her, she blossomed. She accessed American medical care and was able to cure some of her issues.

You can learn more about Primrose and her family from the YouTube video published on the channel, Special Books by Special Kids.

Chris said, “There’s nothing scary about blindness. There’s nothing to apologize about. People often say, when they hear that she’s blind, they often say, ‘I’m so sorry to hear that.’ And I say, ‘Why?’”

Chris and Eryn think she is beautiful and perfect as God made her.

Her adopted mom said, “I’ve cried the last two holiday seasons because I knew she was in a crib somewhere waiting on us. She’s home now. When I saw the picture on Facebook, I don’t understand why. I don’t have any explanation. But when I look at her eyes, I see everything about her that brought us together.”

Watch the video interview below and meet Primrose. Her story can inspire anyone to have hope that things can have a happy ending.

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