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Neighborhood Kids Wanted To Turn Him Into A Human Fireball. Now He’s Fighting For His Life

Bullies had been harassing this eight-year-old boy from Ukraine for a while. Their treatment of the young boy had grown progressively worse over the last few weeks. They’d gotten more violent and cruel. But no matter what people said to the bullies, they just kept pushing the limit of how much they could torment the little child. But when these bullies doused the eight-year-old in gasoline and turned the boy into a human fireball, they went too far, and now the child is struggling for his life.

Because of the bullies’ prank, the boy has suffered burns on 35 percent of his body. The flames grew so hot and burned his flesh so deeply that it is unclear if he’ll be able to survive the torture these inhumane bullies put him through. They’re just evil for what they did to this eight-year-old in the city of Dnipro, which is the fourth largest in Ukraine.

Reporters indicate that these bullies were many years older than the child. They targeted him because he was young and smaller than them. But these bullies, who clearly have self-esteem and confidence issues, went over the line when they attempted to take this child’s life for no good reason.

Now the police are on the hunt for the bullies who caused grievous harm on the child. When they are caught, they will be arraigned and set to face justice for what they did to eight-year-old Kyrylo Yatsun.

Yatsun had been playing in the courtyard near his apartment when the older bullies descended on him like a swarm of demons. The child did not have time to react before the bullies restrained him and then abducted him to take the child to a location where they could attempt to take his life.

Without any further ado, the bullies splashed Yatsun’s shirt with gasoline and then used a lighter to set the child ablaze. They wanted to see what he looked like as a human fireball – they didn’t care if he lived or died.

Because the bullies had covered his clothes in gasoline, it should have been obvious to them what would happen. But the bullies were stupid, so they had to see it for themselves to believe it. And when the lighter’s flame touched Yatsun’s gas-soaked clothes, the fabric ignited and turned the child into a human torch. It was a sight out of a nightmare.

Yatsun fell to the ground screaming from the searing pain. His attackers laughed, slapped each other’s palms, and then fled like cowards from the scene. Meanwhile, Yatsun tried to roll around and put the fire out. Thankfully, Good Samaritans rushed over and helped put the fire on the T-shirt out before getting him into an ambulance.

Although Yatsun was rushed to the hospital, his fight had only just begun. He underwent multiple surgeries in an attempt to save his life. Doctors removed patches of burned skin, and now Yatsun has struggled on the edge of life and death for the past ten days.

His mother, Eugenia Yatsun, spends every moment with her son at the hospital.

“They did it to him on purpose without any reason,” she said. “They are not children. They are monsters.”

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