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Neighbors Are Furious After Anti-Vax Mom Put Something “Special” In The Halloween Candy

A “nurse,” who does not believe in the efficacy of modern medicine yet works in the field, has decided to take matters into her own hands. Because she is a rabid “anti-vaxxer,” the nurse decided to hand out chickenpox infected lollipops to the innocent children trick-or-treating in her neighborhood. Because she wanted to infect the children with the disease to get them all sick from it, she thought she was doing the community a good deed.

The woman, who claims to be a nurse, wrote about how she planned to give unsuspecting children chickenpox infected lollipops for Halloween because she wanted to “help” get all the children sick so they could develop community immunity.

The twisted and depraved woman, who is not only a nurse but a mother, wrote about her plans to infect large amounts of children on Halloween on a private anti-vax Facebook page. She was met with a lot of support because the people on the page subscribe to the unfounded conspiracy theories around vaccinations.

“So my beautiful son [redacted] has the chickenpox at the moment,” her post began, “and we’ve both decided to help others with natural immunity this Halloween! We have the packaging open and closing down pat and can’t wait to help others in our community.”

The nurse shared an image of a large bag of lollipops that she intended her sick son to infect. She thought that she was doing this for the good of the people in her community. Hopefully, the police will catch up with her quickly.

“If anyone else would like some for their children, [I’m] happy to send via post for $1 plus postage to your location.”

The mother’s post was shared via a screenshot to other pages. But it was most heavily criticized when it made it onto the Facebook page called Light For Riley, which is intended to spread light on the efficacy of vaccinations and the importance of getting children vaccinated. Riley died in 2015 from complications associated with whooping cough, a condition that can be stopped through vaccination.

The page is now “determined to shine a light on the dangers of whooping cough and the importance of vaccination.”

When Riley’s father found that a “nurse” and a mother was purposely spreading disease, he recognized evil when he saw it.

“Have you ever seen something that instantaneously makes your skin crawl?” Riley’s dad wrote in his October 30 Facebook post. He added, “How this: Get excited by your child being infected with the chickenpox virus. Formulate a plan to intentionally infect other people’s children unknowingly by distributing contaminated lollipops to the community on Halloween. Proceed to gloat about it on a Facebook anti vaccination group. And now for the cherry on top: See that RN that we’ve purposely not blurred out at the end of her name? That stands for Registered Nurse. The woman responsible for this post is claiming to be a nurse in a Brisbane children’s hospital. It’s not often I’m lost for words, but this just about does it.”

What do you think about this mom’s Halloween “gift” to her community?

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