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Neighbors Complained About The Smell Of His House. When We Went Inside, I Dialed 911

A bad smell kept coming from an apartment. Even though smells often come and go in big cities like Madrid, neighbors were horrified when this smell did not go away. Because it was bothering them and interfering with their quality of life, neighbors knocked on the apartment door and demanded to speak to the man living there with his mother.

When the man opened the door, the smell was far worse. People began to grow concerned that something bad was happening in the home, especially since they had not seen his elderly mother in a long time.

As it turned out, one neighbor had had enough of the smell and decided to do something about it. That person called the authorities and police arrived to perform a welfare check to see what was causing the “strong odor.”

Unfortunately, police were met with a gruesome scene. The smell had a source after all. And it was nothing people expected. As it turned out, the man in the Madrid apartment had left his 92-year-old mother’s corpse to rot so he could continue collecting her pension checks for as long as possible.

Because the man used his mother’s death as a way to steal money, he has been arrested. And that left his mother’s “badly decomposed” body to be dealt with by the proper authorities.

The man committed the fraud was 62-years-old and was arrested on both charges of fraud and for failing to report his mother’s death in a timely manner. But he clearly did not report her death because then her pension checks would dry up – and that was exactly what the man did not want to happen.

Although police and firefighters knocked on the door, the man refused to open up. Because the smell really was bad, the authorities were forced to knock down the door so they could perform a check of the premises. As it turned out, the man had created a DIY coffin that he used to conceal his dead mother’s corpse. He wanted her money to keep coming, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Within moments of getting inside, police knew the woman had been dead for a long time. The smell was a testament to that. But when they opened the coffin and looked upon her dead body, they were horrified to see the deterioration and decomposed flesh.

By the time neighbors plucked up the nerve to call the cops, they had said the smell had gotten through the walls for a few weeks.

Although it is believed that the elderly woman died of natural causes, her body was taken away for an autopsy. Additionally, it is thought that she probably died at least a year ago.

“The son did not do what he should have done,” the spokesman from the coroner said.

It is thought that the 62-year-old man lived with his mother’s decomposing body for “several months, possibly almost a year.”

What do you think about the way this European man treated his mother after she died?

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