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Neighbors Found Out What They Were Doing While Their Kids Played In The Next Room And Dialed 911

Having a child is a ton of responsibility, yet so many people take their role in their child’s life far too lightly. While some parents really do their best to raise up good, wholesome children, others treat them more like pets or treat them like an accessory to their own life. Every parent will hold their child close after hearing what one young couple did with a toddler in their apartment.

Brittany Dawn Patrick, 26, and Lukas Roger Trout, 27 have a young toddler at home with them in their Pittsburgh apartment. The couple seemed normal as ever to neighbors, until the last few months at least.

The police were first informed of a possible issue when neighbors found unknown men going in and out of the apartment at all hours of the day and night. Police even set up traffic stops in the area to question the men who were heading to their apartment, and none had an answer as to why they were there – or even the couple’s name.

Despite this obvious interference, these strange men kept coming. Detectives began to scour the web for local ads soliciting sex, drugs or anything else illegal. They soon found Patrick’s online ads, as she was prostituting herself publicly.

This wasn’t enough to charge her however, so Officer Gregory Woodhall was charged with running a sting operation to discover the truth behind this situation. He has experience with these sorts of prostitution busts, but even the experienced officer had never seen anything quite like this.

The ad described her services as, “Looking for a generous older gentlemen to spice up our night… I’ll be waiting for you no game players as I don’t play games.”

She quickly responded to Woodhall’s message and they set up a rendezvous that very day. Patrick said the price for her services was $120 for a half hour visit according to documents released by the police.

When Woodhall finally made it to the dingy apartment, he was stunned by what he found at the door. Trout was actually the one to answer the door, and he had a young toddler in his arms.

To make matters worse, two young boys appeared at the door as well – the landlord’s son’s, it turned out. According to court documents, he instructed the undercover officer to head upstairs for their meeting.

Patrick brought her into a back room with just a single mattress on the floor and a television on a broken nightstand. She instructed him to put the cash on the TV, and soon began undressing. Without any prodding from the officer, she revealed that she had been doing it for several months to fund a heroin addiction.

The addiction explains why her boyfriend went along with it, but the fact that these two invited strange men into their home with not only a toddler, but two other young, impressionable boys is absolutely despicable. Heroin turns people into monsters, and we really need to step up our efforts to counter the heroin problem as soon as we possibly can.

Can you believe this terrible couple would do this with kids in the house?