For an entire year, a family in Kazakhstan conducted a bizarre experiment. Every time urine left their bodies. The family captured it into a plastic container. By the end of the year, they had stored more than 300 gallons of pee, which caused neighbors to finally call the police and complain of the “constant stench” that came from the home in the central Asian country.

The family of three found itself in trouble after police knocked on their door to check out what really was causing the vile smell. The parents, and their adult son, whose name is Zhenya, were living in the home. They were urinating in bottles for a year after the city of Aktau in southwestern Kazakhstan cut off their utilities for failing to pay their bills. Apparently, the urine was being stored as a water source.

The owners of the home initially refused to open the door to the police. The cops used a crowbar to break down the door and enter the stinky apartment where they found it filled with bottles of urine. Officers could not believe the state of the home. It was a mess, and now the three adults who were living there are being evaluated for mental health problems.

Throughout this story, you’ll see images of the apartment. You can just tell by looking at the pictures that he place smelled horribly. It must have been so bad that the cops called it a “house of horrors.”

When the police finally did break down their door, the inhabitants of the foul-smelling abode admitted that they began urinating in bottles a year ago when their utilities were cut off because they stopped making payments. Over the course of the year, they collected about three-hundred gallons of pee. It is unclear if they were storing the urine to use as drinking water – or if they cooked with it or used it to shower.

Neighbors of the property are delighted that the stinky family has finally been removed from the abode. They were so sick and tired of the constant stench of piss.

One neighbor, an older woman named Svetlana Nenastyvea, told a local television channel, “We think Zhenya’s parents damage his life and have a bad influence on him. About two years ago, he quit his job, switched to a reclusive life then stopped washing. This family is a big problem for us. We are tired to live in constant stench coming from their home.”

Although authorities have removed the stinky family from the apartment, they failed to clean up after them. Because no one is willing to help, the neighbors are banding together to tackle the mess themselves. They’ll be much happier knowing that the stench has been removed. However, it means that they’ll be left to get on their hands and knees to clean up the pee and fecal matter that is strewn about the home in the rural part of Russia’s southern neighbor.

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