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Neighbors Outraged After He Drags His Dog With His Car “Because There Was No Space Inside”

When a driver got behind the wheel of the car, he noticed there was a problem. There wasn’t enough room in the small vehicle to fit the family’s dog. That’s when he got a “bright” idea. He decided to leash the dog to the back of the vehicle and drag it along behind it. Although he didn’t know if the dog would survive the ordeal or not, he figured it was “worth a shot” and did it anyway – leaving the dog in a precarious situation that risked its life.

For twenty minutes, the driver of the car dragged the family’s dog along the busy road. The incident occurred on the busy streets of the large city of Liuzhou in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region last Wednesday.

Local CCTV footage happened to capture the atrocity on film. The camera footage, which was owned by a civilian, was handed over to the proper authorities so cops could track down the evil person who came up with the “bright” idea.

The footage showed a man holding the dog by a leash as the car rolled along the road at about 5 miles per hour. The horrific incident occurred on the busy road around 7.50 pm near the Guangxi University of Science and Technology. Because the dog needed to stay up with the car or risk sudden death, it was struggling against the clock and the beating of its own stressed-out heart.

Police say that footage proves the dog was dragged along the road for twenty minutes before its “walk” was complete, and they could return back home. A statement released by the Liuzhou Traffic Police on Friday, two days after the incident, claimed that the owner of the car, which was a Baojun E100, did not have room in the economy vehicle, so she decided it was wise to “walk” the dog home in this dangerous way.

However, bystanders and observers called the incident animal abuse. Now they’re calling on Chinese authorities to punish the dog owner for this mistake.

Chinese people expressed their remorse over the incident on the social media website Weibo. People wrote things akin to the following: “These people are terrifying. They totally did not care for the dog’s safety! And what is their problem? This man doesn’t deserve to be a pet owner.”

When the police summoned the driver of the car to the police station on Friday, she gave the excuse that the dog belonged to her friend. The abuser, Li, was given two demerit points and fined 100 yuan for the incident of animal abuse, which is equivalent to about $15. It is believed that the dog was not hurt in the incident, which is a miracle.

China has a history of abusing dogs. Dog meat is sometimes consumed in the Asian country despite it being outlawed. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival celebrates the slaughter of canine for food.

In the last decade, China has cracked down on animal abusers. In 2010, a draft law on the Prevention of Cruelty to animals was sent for the State Council’s consideration. It proposes two weeks of detention and a fine for people who abuse animals.

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