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New Bride Has Her Wedding Dress Cut Up Into 17 Pieces. Husband Can’t Believe His Eyes

Every wedding has thousands of pieces that come together on the day of the event to create a magical moment. But one of the most important pieces to the puzzle has to be the wedding dress. Not only does everyone put their eyes on the bride during the wedding, they usually compliment her on how beautiful she looks in her dress, which usually means a lot of thought and passion goes into selecting the perfect one for the wedding ceremony.

After the wedding day comes and goes, the wedding dress usually just sits in a closet not being used. There are few opportunities for a bride to put back on her dress or even to put it on display in the house. Instead, it just hangs in the closet in its original bag waiting to be resurrected again and be used for something.

Justi Boroff met the love of her life and married him. It was a spectacular ceremony and a lovely time uniting their families together. But as it turned out, like most brides, Justi never got to wear her wedding dress again. That’s why she decided to do something creative with it so it could serve a new purpose.

The next day, Justi chopped it into seventeen pieces. But as it turns out, she did it for a great reason, one that will inspire you this holiday season.

Justi sent the dress to a grandmother named Sandi Fasano, who lived in Colorado. She was happy to use the chopped up pieces of the dress to create something that would create a legacy for her love for her husband.

“I sent it off earlier this year to be made into angel gowns for babies that don’t make it home from the hospital, and I’ll be donating them to the NICU at Vanderbilt. Seventeen little gowns were made from my dress and as beautiful as they are, I pray they are never needed.”

Although it was an emotional challenge for Justi to have her dress cut into pieces, she was happy about it when it was done.

Sandi spoke to Denver 7 about the act. She said that the first time she cut the wedding dress apart, it was hard. But once she got used to the idea and reminded herself that she was doing it for a good cause, she could go through with it without any problem.

Sandi was using the dress so she could create outfits for babies who did not survive birth.

“The last thing a family needs to do is go to a toy store and find doll clothes.”

She wanted to bless her seven grandchildren with her creativity.

“Because I have 7 beautiful grandchildren and in a perfect world, without loss, there would be more.”

People like Sandi are doing their best to help people in need.

Because these wedding dresses are being transformed into outfits that babies can wear if they do not make it, Sandi is helping parents celebrate the beauty of their child.

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