When Star Wars first came out, the audience was blown away by the lightsabers and the laser blasters. These super-science weapons just seemed too farfetched they were amazing. Flash forward four decades, and we realize that these weapons are not as farfetched as we might have once believed. An electromagnetic gun is no longer a thing of the imagination. And the United States Navy is debuting it at their iconic Science and Technology Expo.

Watch the video below to see it in action!

As you will see during this grand reveal, this weapon is astounding. Nothing is as American as a big gun with extreme power behind. Be prepared to be proud to be American.

If you’ve had your ear to the ground in the weapons in the weapons industry, you’ve heard tremors about this high-tech gun. But now the electromagnetic railgun is a thing of real life – not fantasy. This gun has not been revealed to the public yet (you cannot yet buy your own electromagnetic railgun, although lots of people must be itching to get their hands on this bad-boy), the Department of Defense has to whet our appetite for the weapon by releasing several demonstration videos of the gun.

It has been in testing for a decade. A half-billion dollars of your tax money has gone into its development. And judging by the video we’ve included for you below, it looks like all the hard work is paying off.

The video below comes from The Wall Street Journal. And when it comes to official sources, no news agency has as much credit as the Wall Street Journal.

Naval engineers have been working their tails off to create this mega-weapon. And they’ve been testing it inside concrete bunkers at confidential facilities.

But now Americans are demanding a demonstration. We want to see what our tax dollars are going toward. Don’t we?

The Navy railgun can send projectiles speeding as fast as 4,500 miles per hour. It launches these bullets using electromagnetic rails.

While it is still a prototype, the display we’ve seen is awe-inspiring.

How powerful is this Navy weapon?

A gun that is only 6-inches long has a firing range of 15 miles.

The Navy’s gun that is 16-inches long can fire a projectile up to 24 miles. And even at that distance, the projectile is strong enough to pierce up to 30 feet of concrete.

But the Navy’s pride and joy, it’s 38-foot electromagnetic railgun fires its ammunition as far as 125 miles. And it is powerful enough to blast through seven steel plates.

While the 6-inch weapon and the other smaller ones might sound puny, they’re extremely powerful. And they can fire ammunition extremely far. This has increased the range from which the Navy can pummel its targets.

The Director of the Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office, William Roper, said: “The Navy is on the cusp of having a tactical weapon, a next-generation offensive weapon. It could be a game changer.”

In the Wall Street Journal report below, you’ll see exactly what this Navy innovation can do. Are you impressed with your tax dollars at work?

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