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New Mom Is Heartbroken To Go Back To Work. Freezes When She Finds This Note From The Nanny

It is a sad fact that in our modern world, new moms and dads are forced to go back to work almost immediately after the birth of their child. Maternity and paternity leave are not common in many situations, and many workers are not given any support as they have to leave work for the birth of a child. Other countries give new moms up to two years of maternity leave, so they spend the quality time with their infant, but in the United States, new moms get only a few weeks and sometimes up to a few months off.

In recent years, many couples try their best to keep one parent at home. Whether it is mom or dad, it sometimes makes more sense to have stay-at-home parents rather than shelling out a lot of money for child care. To achieve this, parents need to learn to live with less of everything – except for what matters most to a child, love.

Because things were getting tough financially, 38-year-old Charlie Kirkaldy had no choice but to return to work when her son reached 10-months-old. Fortunately, she was able to hire a caring nanny to watch over her baby boy and make sure that he was taken care of. Most parents have to put their much-younger children in the care of strangers at daycare centers.

However, after just one day on the job, the new nanny wrote Kirkaldy a note that sent mom into tears. And she wanted to share it with the world via the internet.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Kirkaldy, from Berkshire, England, said:

“It’s always so hard leaving your child when you go back to work, but for many, it’s a necessity. This morning I experienced a range of emotions: nervousness and excitement at the prospect of going back to work, but the overriding feeling was sadness and guilt for leaving my son in the care of somebody we’ve only recently met.”

That’s why it meant so much to Kirkaldy to receive a heartfelt note from the nanny watching her beloved son.

The nanny’s note read:

“For you today will feel so long, so here’s a little something to keep you strong. Tissues to wipe away your tears, invisible reassurance to ease your fears. Coffee to drink and take a while, to paint back on a make-believe smile. Chocolate to make it a bit more okay, and to help you get to the end of the day.”

The nanny then signed the note, “Sam will be fine. Happy and loved. I promise.”

Kirkaldy admitted that it made a huge difference on her first day back in the workforce.

“The thoughtful gift she gave me this morning just goes to show that (she picked the right person to watch her son). Her kindness and understanding of how hard it can be for parents brought tears to my eyes and has made my first full day apart from him a little less painful.”

What do you think about the nanny’s thoughtful note?

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