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New Mom Uploads Photos Of Stretch Marks To Show She’s “Not Perfect”

Not long after giving birth to a whole human, former beauty queen, and Miss Alabama, Katherine, turned to social media to show off her gorgeous post-baby bod. Because the new mom was still as gorgeous as ever, her fans asked her how it was possible for her to be so “perfect,” even though she had just given birth. That’s when the former beauty queen turned the camera on herself in a different way – this time highlighting her “flaws” in a display of humility and transparency.

“Just want to say, don’t be fooled,” she told her fans. “I did get some pretty gnarly stretch marks.”


The Instagram video, which was shared via the Stories section, got a lot of attention because the former Miss Alabama was revealing the truth behind the curtain, and it was not as people expected. She was not as “perfect” as her photos would have you believe, and that was the point. She wanted to remind people that although she was able to pull off a two-piece bikini just weeks after giving birth, she did have some consequences as every other mother does.

In the captions of her images, the former beauty queen wrote: “Thank y’all for all the sweet compliments, but I am def, not perfect at the least after having Cash. He did me innnn.”

She then revealed the stretch marks on her abdomen as she pulls up her gray long-sleeve t-shirt.

Although she certainly got some war scars from the baby birth, her body is still in very good shape. Giving birth is a traumatic episode for each mother and can do unexpected things to women’s bodies. Katherine was fortunate that she had the knowledge and the support to keep her body fit and in shape despite having pushed an entire life out into the world.

She first revealed her post-baby bod while rocking a two-piece bikini and a matching string bottom by Sauvage Swimwear. In that caption of that smoking hot image, she wrote:

“2 babies and 5 months later I feel like I’m finally getting my bod back. Hello, summer.”

The image was captured in Miss Alabama’s backyard. Although she was dressed in the bathing suit, it seemed to be more for a fashion display and an Instagram post than for an actual dip in the water.

Because she is now a busy mother, she doesn’t have as much time for her fans. People were quick to respond on Instagram when they saw that she was back with images.

“Look who’s back on the gram,” one person wrote as a comment.

The former Miss Alabama came back with, “IKR? (I know, right?) I disappear often lol.”

This inconsistent presence on social media lends to Katherine’s mystique and gets people very excited whenever they see images of her.

Others could not hold back their compliments.

“I have zero babies and don’t look like that. Well done momma,” television host Charissa Thompson wrote.

“I pray to look this phenomenal after two babies,” another person shared.

What do you think about this beauty queen’s post-baby bod?

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