New emojis are coming to a smartphone near you in 2022. However, there is some controversy over some of the new emojis that are set to be approved by the central bank that approves all emojis in September. As part of the Unicode Consortium, Emojipedia will be reviewing the proposed emojis to make sure they’re good to go for smartphones the next year.

However, some critics are furious that there will soon be a pregnant man emoji as well as others, including a multiracial handshake. While many of the proposed emojis will make a positive addition to those available for use, critics do not understand why it was necessary to include an emoji of a pregnant man when there were so many other possible designs that could have been included in the forthcoming update.

Emojipedia has revealed draft candidates for the next emoji released, which is entitled Emoji 14.0. The emoji bank claims that it was important for them to include the pregnant man and pregnant person because “pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people,” according to Emojipedia.

Other emojis that will be added to the lexicon include a gender non-binary person of varying skin colors wearing a crown. There will also be multiracial handshakes as well as hands in varying skin colors doing other actions like pointing at the user and forming the shape of a heart.

There are also numerous other emojis that are set to be added to the central bank of emojis. These include an image of lips with the bottom lip being bitten, a crutch, an X-ray image of someone’s head, buttles, a slide, and a bird’s nest with and without eggs.

“As this is only a draft emoji list, each emoji is subject to change prior to final approval in September 2021,” Emojipedia says in a web post. “Expect to see more about this later in the year when the final version of Unicode 14.0 and Emoji 14.0 is released on September 14.”

The consortium’s designs are used by companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, which then apply their stylized versions of the approved emojis for their users to enjoy.

“Designs shown here are Emojipedia Sample Images, just one way in which these emojis might look,” Emojipedia explains. “Actual vendor designs will vary from those released by major vendors, and Emojipedia’s own sample images may also be updated when Emoji 14.0 final is released.”

Adobe released their 2021 Global Emoji Trend Report on World Emoji Day, which was July 17, 2021. They surveyed emojis being used across the world and found that the five most popular emojis were the face with tears of joy followed by the thumbs-up sign. Third place was the heart, while the kissy-face came in fourth. The fifth most popular emoji was the sad crying face.

Adobe found that 55 percent of people across the globe claim that emojis make it easier and more comfortable for them to express emotions. Additionally, 89 percent of people found emojis very useful when communicating with people who speak a different language.

What do you think about the new emojis?

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