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New Warning Comes As Doctors Claim Popular Summer Food Causes Cancer

You probably already know that processed meats are bad for you. No one ever pretended that eating a diet loaded with hot dogs, sausages and bacon was ever going to get you a pair of six pack abs or the body of a model. But did you know that these processed meats are about as bad for you as smoking cigarettes. One of the most popular food items in the United States, at least during the summer and at sports games, the hot dog – is a cancer causing item. Because hot dogs are easy to prepare and taste good, they are extremely popular among children and adults alike. But when you see how these popular items are made, you will be so repulsed that you may never buy them again. This new information paired with the fact that they cause cancer may repulse you, but it could keep you alive for longer. Check this out and share this data today!

Hot dogs were featured on How It’s Made a few years ago. And when you see the process this meat goes through to get prepared to be put into the stores, you’ll be shocked. It requires so much more processing than you might ever have imagined.

First the scrap pieces of meat are fed into a grinder. From there they’re put through metal grates and pieced up even more. They add in chicken pieces to bulk up the quantity of meat at a cheap price.

After all the meat is in a vat, it is liquefied. It looks disgusting but this is only part of the processing procedure.

At this point, workers toss in food starch, salt and ground mustard seed. They also add any necessary flavoring to make the food even more popular on the shelves and mask the nastiness that goes on behind the scenes.

This processed meat goes into a vat where it is combined with water. Then the factory adds in corn syrup to sweeten the meat’s taste.

Then they add more water, puree it and then vacuum out any air.

While this might sound like a lot, it is not even over. The processing plant does a little more finagling to make the hot dogs you see in store.

As you can imagine, this How It’s Made episode caught some heat when it went live years ago. Now that it is on YouTube, viewers like you have shared their reactions to the footage. Here were a few of the most popular ones:

“he said pork beef and chicken but they also put a whole donkey and horse.”

“give me the hot dog! hey give me the hot dog! give me the hot dog! just give me the hot dog! explodes*”

Some people are not that grossed out.

“This video doesn’t gross me out because it is basically just meat and flavouring”

“bruh, hotdogs could have ebola in them and i wouldn’t be bothered. not in the slightest.”

What do you think about the process of making hot dogs? Will you ever grill up one of these cancer-causing foods again?