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Newly Engaged Woman Says This Photo Proves They Were Married In A Previous Life

Losing a spouse is one of the hardest things a person can deal with. Because these people are your significant others, they’re your partner in life, they become the people you rely on and love the most. When they are suddenly gone from your life, they leave behind a massive hole that is very hard to fill. That’s what one woman felt after her husband passed away – however, she would soon realize that an old flame would quickly fill that empty space and give her life passion and romance she had not experienced since her hot and heavy teenage years.

When Wills met Ollie as a teenager, she fell head over heels in love with him. Their romance was like a firecracker, so in 1955 they tied the knot and vowed to be lovers for the rest of their lives. They married on Christmas Eve at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Three days after the wedding, Ollie left to return to the call of duty on deployment.

Nevertheless, they made good use of their time together whenever he was home and produced two children together. But these little ones were not enough to hold their marriage together. After a decade together, they were done. They wanted to see new people. They wanted their youths back. They divorced and went their separate ways. It is unclear how they dealt with their shared children.

“I really was so young when Wills and I first married, and after years together life really took its toll. We didn’t find each other so exciting,” Ollie told the Guardian. “I met another guy and fell in love. Wills tried to get me back and deep in my heart I didn’t think I’d done the right thing but felt I’d burned my bridges. But falling in love with him all over again was so magical. It makes me realize I’m lucky to have a second chance.”

She would go on to marry the next man she met, whose name was Carl. For decades, they grew their family, having four children of their own together. Ollie stayed put and remarried multiple times only to find himself unhappy and filing for divorce again.

When Wills lost her husband Carl in 2010, she was devasted. Little did she know but Ollie lost his third wife around the same time. Then in 2012, Ollie’s daughter from the second marriage invited her to a Christmas party where Wills happened to be in attendance. Although they shared children, they had not seen or heard from each other in decades.

Forty-eight years after their divorce, the widowed exes found themselves in a strange situation. They were in the same room. They had no romantic ties. And those hot and heavy feelings from their teenage years started bubbling up again just like they had back in the 1950s.

Wills told the Guardian, “I just wanted to kiss her. We both knew at that moment in time. We would be together. It was just wonderful.”

That night Wills stayed over, and it was like they never separated.

Fifty-eight years after they were married the first time, Ollie and Wills tied the knot again. True love knows no boundaries.

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