As the novel coronavirus kills baby boomers at unprecedented rates, younger Americans simply do not seem to take the threat that seriously. While baby boomers are trying to self-quarantine to protect themselves from death by COVID-19, young Americans, like those in Louisiana and Florida, continue to party during their extended spring breaks and spread the virus even faster. Now a young Fox News anchor has come under fire for complaining about how women cannot go to the salon to get their hair and nails done during the coronavirus pandemic that threatens the lives of baby boomers and older Americans more than any other group.

Because Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt complained about hair and nail appointments amid the coronavirus pandemic, she showed the viewers of the popular news entertainment channel that she does not have the interest of those who are most susceptible to the virus at heart. As thousands of Americans die from the disease caused by the virus, the Fox News anchor yearns for life to return to normal so she can get back to her extremely important hair and nail appointments.

Earhardt is one of the hosts of Fox and Friends, which is the channel’s flagship show out of New York City. NYC is the epicenter of the disease that threatens the lives of millions of aging Americans.

As hundreds of people die from the disease in the city around her, Earhardt complains about how she is not getting the chance to get her nails done during the pandemic.

“This is not a priority, but women have to get their hair done,” Earhardt complained to her co-hosts, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. “I saw someone tweet out, ‘You’re gonna see what real color our hair is because our roots are gonna grow in.’”

The co-hosts on the show could not have agreed more. They nodded along as Earhardt complained about her inability to go to the nail or hair salon amid the pandemic.

“All my friends are saying, you know, this is not a priority — people are dying, and I realize that — but they can’t get their nails done!”

While the hosts of Fox and Friends were in agreement with Earhardt’s complaint, viewers expressed their scorn and anger at her dismissal of the pandemic on Twitter.

Viewers described the disgraced Fox and Friends host as “idiotic” and “insensitive.”

While Earhardt is usually living and breathing the virus-infected air of New York City, she has fled the city during the pandemic for her beach house on Long Island.

Before she fled the city, she failed to update her billing address, which is why she was delighted that not only was she escaping the worst of the pandemic out at her beach house, but would also be avoiding her bills.

“If you bought clothing before all this happens, if you want to return it, are stores going to waive that 30 day period where you can get your money back?”

Do you think that this news anchor should be more focused on her manicure appointment or the baby boomers dying from COVID-19?

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