NFL Is Doomed For How They Handled Anthem Protests, Just Received A Knockout Punch : AWM

NFL Is Doomed For How They Handled Anthem Protests, Just Received A Knockout Punch

These days $2 can hardly buy you a coffee at Starbucks. Gasoline costs more than $2. But one thing that you can buy for $2 is a ticket to an NFL game.

During the Sunday matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Indianapolis Colts, ticket retailers Vivid Seats was selling tickets for just $2.

Because no one wants to go to NFL games anymore, teams are practically handing out tickets for free. And while the $2 ticket would probably buy you a seat way in the back, you’d still get to see the game. However, even the outstanding tickets, the ones near the 50-yard line, were selling for just $29.

The NFL ratings and attendance numbers are as low as ever. And while there was a snowstorm on Sunday, the Bills and Colts game was not the only practically giving away tickets.

If you wanted to go to the Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers game, you could have bought tickets for just $7. That’s cheaper than buying a beer at the stadium concession stands.

NFL tickets are so unpopular. A college hockey game in the Buffalo Bills area had tickets selling for $28.

Although the league as a whole is dying, not every NFL team has debilitating, low ticket sales. But ever since fans have expressed their outrage that players are kneeling during the national anthem and protesting police brutality, NFL attendance has dropped.

When he started taking a knee during the national anthem, Colin Kaepernick had no idea that his simple act would cause such change. His effort to raise awareness has practically taken the NFL as a league to its knees.

Although many fans and even the president have asked NFL team owners to fix the problem and get their players back on their feet, teams have been unable to motivate their players to quit protesting. Because the protest is not about the NFL but racial injustice in the United States, there is little team owners can do. But the protest is hurting ticket sales and causing the NFL to go under.

Fans across the nation are turning off their televisions and boycotting teams. People who used to be passionate about football are now turning to other sports to get their fix. And unless the NLF fixes their image, they’re going to be up the creek without a paddle. Even their major sponsors and advertisers are pulling TV spots and endorsement.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell must be losing sleep over his failing league. He needs to have a refresher on basic economics. Right now the NFL is not in demand, so ticket sales are extremely low. If he starts to supply a product that America loves, then prices will go up. If he doesn’t change the public’s perception about the NFL soon, the future might not include football. And since the high-impact sport can be devastating to players’ health overall, it might be time for America to move on anyway.

Do you think America can ever love the NFL again?