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No One Believes Grandma’s Claim, Hidden Camera Footage Exposes Family’s Worst Nightmare

It’s a sad world when we feel the need to set up cameras to monitor the people who are entrusted to take care of our children and our elderly parents. But, it’s better to be safe than sorry. When 98-year-old Minnie Graham told her family that one of the hospice nurses had been abusing her, they decided to set up a camera to catch her in the act. This is after the nurse told the family that the great-great-grandmother has fallen out of her wheelchair. After setting up a hidden camera, the family soon learned that Minnie most certainly didn’t fall out of her wheelchair. Instead, she had gotten the bruises and marks from being shoved, pinched, pushed, and hit by the two aides who had been tasked with caring for her.

The video below shows what actually happened when the two aides were alone in the room with Minnie.

When Minnie asks the nursing aide for help getting up on the bed, the aide at the Winters Park Nursing Home in Garland, Texas, pulls her arms aggressively and in a scene that can be somewhat shocking to see, the aide grabs Minnie by the head and slaps her several times when she tries to fight back.

In the video, it’s obvious that Minnie was in pain as she is seen screaming and asking for help when the aide, Brenna Tiller drops her on the bed and jerks her around.

“My grandmother is screaming in pain and it’s completely disregarded,” said Minnie’s granddaughter, Teri Hardin.

Tiller is also heard mocking and using poor language toward Minnie, as she calls her retarded and ugly. She also sprays water in Minnie’s face and puts a towel in her mouth after using the towel to clean her body.

“I just don’t know how people can be so heartless,” said granddaughter, Shirley Ballard.

Tiller isn’t the only one caught on film abusing Minnie. An aide by the name of Louis is seen being extremely rough with Minnie, pinching her and rolling her around as she screams.

When you think of a nursing home, you don’t usually think of patients receiving black eyes and bruised lips from the staff. Most people picture a quiet, calm and loving atmosphere designed to give the elderly an enjoyable and safe place to live out their last days.

Believe it or not, this type of abuse happens more often than we think. With more than two million Americans living in nursing homes, 1 in three of these homes have been cited for abuse and that is only the cases that have been reported.

Minnie’s family filed a complaint and both aides have been indicted for felony injury to the elderly. After police sat on the case for months, Fox 4 decided to do something about it.

When Tiller was approached by Fox 4, she was in a working uniform and still had a valid license to work as an aide. The nursing home was then approached and they apologized but stated that they didn’t know the aides were doing the abusing.

Families are fighting the state of Texas for the lack of fines and responsibility for their nursing home systems.