No One Knows 15-Year-Old Is Keeping A Secret Until She Goes Into Labor At School : AWM

No One Knows 15-Year-Old Is Keeping A Secret Until She Goes Into Labor At School

When adopted children reach adulthood, it can be very normal for them to want to connect with their birth mothers. One woman, who was adopted, decided that she wanted to meet her birth mother and was not willing to let anything stop her search. Jessica lived a happy life with a family in Jackson, Mississippi, but that didn’t mean she craved knowing the backstory form where she came from and to know who her birth mother was.

Jessica knew that she was lucky to have such loving adoptive parents. They showered her with adoration and everything a child could hope for. However, she eventually wanted to know more. She wanted to meet her birth mother and get to know the history of where she came from. While nothing could ever replace her adoptive family, she still felt like she had a gaping hole where her birth mother should be. It was something she had to do for herself and no one else.

When Jessica turned eighteen, she contacted the adoption agency that had handled her case. She told them that she hoped to meet with her birth mother and wanted to know anything and everything she could about the woman. Unfortunately, her birth mother had to agree to meet Jessica. All her life, Jessica didn’t know if her birth mother even thought about her least of all actually wanted to meet her.

Over the next fifteen years, Jessica waited for her birth mother to agree to meet her. But it was fruitless. That’s why Jessica started her own searching, scouring through as much data as she could find online through ancestry programs to see if she could find out more information about her birth mother.

Jessica didn’t just limit her search to online ancestry websites. She also turned to Facebook and scoured through every profile that she thought might be connected. She was willing to do anything and everything to hunt down her birth mother and reconnect with her after a lifetime apart.

Jessica had just one clue to her search. Her birth mother’s name is Tammy. That’s why Jessica created a Facebook page called “Looking for Tammy” in March 2018. Six months later, Monica Monger contacted Jessica. She was a member of Catholic Charities.

Little did Jessica know, but Monica knew Tammy and had contacted her. That’s what led to the day when Jessica’s phone rang.

Back in 1984, Tammy had been a confused teenage girl. Although she knew she was pregnant, the fifteen-year-old managed to keep this fact secret from everyone, including the watchful eye of her own mother. But pregnancy was not something she could hide forever. One day in school, Tammy went into labor, giving birth to the baby girl who would grow up to be Jessica.

That’s when Jessica got a call she would never forget. It was Tammy, her birth mother, and she wanted to let Jessica know that she was so happy to meet her and so proud of the woman she had grown up to become.

Watch the heartfelt reunion in the video below.

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