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Nobody At The Shelter Had Ever Seen A Puppy With A Tail On Its Head Before

The state of Missouri has produced some really great things over the years. But this puppy might take the cake for the most unique and “magical.” The little guy was discovered to have a second tail growing from his forehead. The rescue dog, which is estimated to be about ten-weeks-old, was found wandering the streets of the midwestern state desperate to help – and thankfully, he was rescued by a team of caring individuals.

Mac’s Mission, which is a specialized rescue organization, has taken the dog in. They help dogs with special needs, like this one that has a second tail growing from its head. The puppy was handed over to Mac’s Mission once they found him wandering the cold Missouri streets. And they have named the poor puppy Narwhal after the whales that have a tusk protruding from their heads.

“He’s literally the most magical thing you’ve ever seen, and so happy,” Rochelle Steffen, founder of the rescue group, said. Just one look at this little guy, and you’ll be blown away by his bizarre deformity. While he has a second tail growing him his head, it does not seem to cause him any harm or anything.

“Everybody wants to see him. I’ve had so many volunteers come over and said, ‘Hey, can we play with Narwhal?’” Steffen said. “And it’s now become the thing to take selfies with him because he’s just so cute.”

On Tuesday, Narwhal had a visit with the vet. They conducted an X-ray and found that he is in sound health. They also found that his second tail does not have any bones, which means he cannot wag it, and it does nothing to conflict with his health and wellbeing.

Steffen said her rescue organization specializes in helping dogs like Narwhal that have a “janky” experience and need extra help. These animals would not “get a chance anywhere else.”

Steffen prides herself on being able to give these animals a second chance at life. She has housed dogs with five legs, dogs with three legs, blind and deaf animals, as well as dogs that have cleft palates and mange – which would make them untouchable by other rescue group standards.

“Everybody has said that it looks like a tail that just didn’t develop fully like he might have tried to absorb a twin, and it just didn’t work all the way,” Steffen said. “It kind of curls right down under his eyes. We deal with such unique animals here that we love to let them keep their uniqueness.”

Narwhal has fallen into the hands of the perfect caretakers. Steffen and her team of volunteers know how to appreciate Narwhal and other dogs and cats that are as unique as him.

Hopefully, a family will adopt him soon.

“We don’t want to adopt him out, and two weeks later, it does become a problem,” she said. They’re taking their time with the young puppy and making sure all is okay before they try to find him a forever home.

What do you think about Narwhal’s second tail?

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