Meal prep is hard work. Although the reward is obvious – the more you prep while you have time, the more healthy options you’ll have to eat at the moment – it can be hard to muster the energy to do the work. One mom, Amanda Ranit, decided to open her home to the Chinese-created TikTok social media app and show the world how she preps meals for her large family.

The busy mom doesn’t like spending time on mundane tasks. That’s why she does as much as she can at one time to get it all done as fast as possible. Breakfast is no exception. With a large family to care for, Ranit must do a lot of work to keep her brood fed. However, she has figured out a way to create one hundred breakfast sandwiches at the same time, which keeps her large family fed for four weeks.

Because she makes “about one hundred” breakfast sandwiches at the same time, she’s able to have so much more time doing other important things.

“These save me SO much time on school mornings. My kids love them,” Ranit captioned her video.

Although these breakfast items are not the healthiest option in the world (they resemble the ever-popular sausage McMuffin from McDonald’s), they’re perfect for this busy mom and her family. With about one hundred sandwiches created at the same time, Ranit ensures that her family has food to eat every morning for about four weeks.

When it is time to eat breakfast, Ranit and her family toss a frozen sandwich into an air fryer and allow it to do the work, heating it up to eat. Although this discipline forces Ranit’s family to eat the same thing day after day, they don’t seem to mind very much. Because she makes enough frozen breakfast sandwiches to feed her family for four weeks, they’re fed for the month. She changes up the taste by switching out the meat and cheese.

On TikTok, a lot of people praised the food prep hack. Obviously, these individuals felt that Ranit’s scheme worked well for her and might work well for their families as well.

“A lot more cost-effective than buying a pack of 4 pre-made ones at the store. Love it!” one user wrote.

“Wow, that’s a great idea,” another added.

Other people were not so certain that all this prep work was necessary. A few people even found it to be overwhelming and unnecessary since Ranit is preparing breakfast sandwiches so far in advance.

“You can literally do this in 30 seconds each morning,” one user claimed.

“How big is your family?” another joked.

Ranit’s food prep trick is great for any family, especially those who enjoy McDonald’s sausage McMuffin. If you’re already spending money at McDonald’s for this time, you could save a lot of money and time by preparing a large batch for yourself and your family in advance.

What do you think about this viral food-prep trick? Would it work for your family?

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