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Nobody Could Get This Dog To Wag Its Tail Until Its Foster Dad Made This One Simple Change

Every dog my family has ever owned was fortunate to have a good life. Our dogs never missed any meals and always had people around to offer comfort. My family’s dogs also went on at least two walks per day at local parks. But not every dog is blessed with people who care. Some animals grow up in the worst conditions imaginable.

The dog in this story had it particularly bad. The dog, Blossom, never got to experience love from a person. And as far as her rescuers knew, Blossom had never had a reason to wag her tail in her whole life. So when Rocky Kanaka, an animal rights advocate, came across Blossom he could see the loneliness in her eyes, and he decided that he was going to be the one to “crack the nut” and get her waging her tail.

Rocky took Blossom home from the shelter. And it didn’t take him too long to get Blossom loving life.

As her foster dad, Rocky showered Blossom in love and attention. She had never had so much love before in her life. Rocky never forced Blossom to open up to him. He gave her space and allowed her to open up naturally. Now she is a fun-loving dog ready to get adopted into her forever home.

Rocky loves spending time with his animals. During an interview with Dogster, he said that he learns so much from his time with animals.

“Dogs can teach us so much, but one of the most powerful things they teach us is how to live in the moment.”

Ever since he was a child, Rocky knew he wanted to work with animals.

“Rocky Kanaka has always had a passion for pets and working in the pet space. It started with his company, The Dog Bakery. Through local in-store events, he was awakened to the massive problem of pet homelessness in the US, and he wanted to find a way to do more to give back. He started by donating proceeds from his store as well as hosting pet adoptions, but the impact was just not big enough. Rocky has become a pioneer in the pet industry. As an entrepreneur and pet expert, he is dedicated to serving pet parents that care about the health of their pets as well as shelter dogs…

“Rocky’s business acumen and dedication to dogs in need are highlighted… [when] Rocky helps reform struggling rescues and shelters by coming up with innovative solutions. By highlighting these organizations and the animals they are helping, Rocky, hopes to inspire the audience to join his mission to save lives and save shelters.”

The video below from The Dodo will inspire you. You’ll see how impossible things seemed for Blossom when she first moved in with Rocky. He thought it would take just a few days or maybe a few weeks for her to come around, but it wound up being much longer than that. But now she’s a happy dog.

What do you think about Blossom’s rescue story?

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